Katie Price praises 'brave' son Harvey as he gets teeth cleaned at the dentist and she reveals he's lost a stone

KATIE Price has praised her "brave" son Harvey after he visited the dentist to get his teeth cleaned.

The ex-glamour model also revealed that her 18-year-old son has lost a stone as he continues his weight loss journey.

Katie shared the news on her YouTube channel, she said: "Harvey's lost a stone already, haven't you? With exercise at residential and your food."

Her eldest child replied: "Oh yes mum!"

Katie showed off a new exercise bike that has helped in his fitness journey, with the young lad giving viewers a quick demonstration.

Katie later praised him for being "brave" as he visited the dentist to get his teeth cleaned.

Harvey promised that he would brush his teeth more after he received a brand new green toothbrush.

The teenager flashed a big great smile as he showed off his freshly cleaned teeth and gave a thumbs up.

The mum and son duo shared a tender moment after the cleaning process, she leaned in for a kiss and said: "I love you. I really love you and I love you more now that you've got clean teeth.

She was joined by her her kids Princess, 13, Jett, 7 and Bunny, 6, who were preoccupied in the waiting room.

Princess gave her brother a big post-dentist celebratory hug for doing a great job.

Katie recently revealed that she is going to have a sixth baby THIS year – and plans to call the tot Miracle.

Katie said: “We’re going to call the baby Miracle.

“I’m doing this for my mum. She told me to have IVF so she can see us have kids. It will break my heart if she can’t.”

She added: “Last week we saw a doctor who reassured us we will have a baby.

“It is just how we do it now. Carl is getting tested because he’s never got anyone pregnant before.

“We don’t know yet but he might need medication to help his sperm.

"There’s obviously a reason why we’re not getting pregnant. Whatever happens, we’re having a baby this year.”

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