Juju Journey Brener And Mason Blomberg To Star In Indie Adaptation Of The Furry Fortune

EXCLUSIVE: Juju Journey Brener and Mason Blomberg are set to star in The Furry Fortune, an indie adaptation of author D. Good Morgan’s popular children’s book, who also serves as executive producer. Rounding out the cast are Shane Hartline (Addicted to You), Mo Allen, Sean Whalen and introducing Henry – its canine hero.

Justin Ward will adapt and direct the live-action family feature. Industry veteran Brad Wilson is producing, marking this Ward and Wilson’s third film collaboration. Three-time Grammy and six-time Emmy nominee Steve Dorff will compose the score, as well as pen original songs.

The story centers on twins Zoey and Dax (Brener and Blomberg, respectively), who are growing apart, discover their pet rescue dog is shedding money. The neighbors, a malicious IRS agent and his slimy son, kidnap the money-making canine, and the siblings must work together to save their pet and their family. Principal photography starts June 15th in Los Angeles.

Brener is repped by A3 and April Mills Entertainment. Blomberg is repped by DDO and New Beginnings Entertainment.

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