Joe Wicks shows off his new sauna and copper ice bath in his huge garden

JOE Wicks proudly showed off his new sauna and copper ice bath in his huge garden.

The Body Coach star gave fans a tour of his lavish new accessories in his garden on Instagram.

Joe, 34, who has kept the nation fit with PE with Joe over lockdown, told fans it was time to take care of his body after constantly working out.

The ice bath would also help with his injuries he has sustainedwhen he fractured his hand last year when he began been hosting his free fitness sessions on YouTube.

He talked to fans about where he would put the copper bath as he didn't want such a special feature to be hidden away at the back.

The excited dad-of-two played some Marvin Gaye as the bath was carried in to his garden.

Joe wrote on his Instastories about why he got the bath: "My plan is to combine hot sauna therapy with ice water exposure to help my body recover but also to elevate my mindset and mental health.

"Much of it comes down to breath work and finding that inner calm in the external discomfort of the ice."

He told fans he would be keeping them updated about how he was getting on.

He said: "I'm going to create a vlog on my youtube channel abut my first experience in the ice. I have cold showers most mornings now but have never fully been submerged in truly ice cold water so it will be entertaining I'm sure."

Joe also bought an enormous hot tub in his garden – and told fans he planned to bathe in it naked.

He revealed his latest splurge at his new £4.4million mansion just last week.

He said: "Hot tub, hot sauna then ice cold bath for the rehab to take care of my body because I smash it too much. I need somewhere to come and relax in between all the training I do.

"It's like a swimming pool it's massive. It's got speakers in the side, so I'm gonna be blasting a bit of Dr Dre.

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