Joe Giudice SLAMS Melissa Gorga for dissing him on RHONJ reunion and claiming he wasn’t ‘passionate’ with Teresa Giudice – The Sun

JOE GIUDICE slammed his sister-in-law Melissa Gorga after she dissed him during Wednesday night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show part two.

The Italian father of four took to Instagram to ask Teresa Giudice to be "smart, not to add fuel to negative feelings about our marriage especially when it’s not the truth" as "it will do a lot of damage to kids".

Along with a video of him talking about how he was working amid the lockdown in Italy due to the coronavirus epidemic, Joe had some choice words for his estranged wife's family.

He wrote: "Then, you got numbnuts with no sense, saying s**t. If a person worried, right thing to say to Teresa is 'hey can I listen/ help?'

"If our marriage wasn’t working in twenty years not abrupt or violate trust so our kids hear family talking on tv?

"Teresa is smart not to add fuel to negative feelings about our marriage especially when it’s not truth it will do a lot of damage to kids."

During last night's reunion, Andy Cohen approached the subject of Teresa and Joe's failed marriage and the way he spoke to her during this past season.

And as the other housewives voiced their opinions about their marriage, Teresa told the Bravo boss: "The only time he treated me, he spoke to me like that, was on the show … but behind the scenes, he was good to me."

Andy then turned to Melissa – Teresa's sister-in-law – and asked her if that was true.

Melissa then rolled her eyes and said: "No, it was not just on the show. He hated the cameras, he did, he would get so frustrated so you would see it more.

"But he didn't baby her at her, he wasn't passionate, he wasn't kissy-huggy. He was never praising Teresa."

Teresa seemed to want to convince herself and the other housewives that she had a good marriage but Melissa wasn't buying it.

Joe Gorga, Teresa's brother and Melissa's husband, has also voiced his thoughts on his sister's marriage and claimed that their ship had sailed.

He said: "I think they should have been separated sooner. She should have moved on much sooner. They're done. That ship has sailed.

"I believe if he came out and was so apologetic and showed her so much love and just was different — and he wasn’t that man that he was before.

"Like that rough man, 'I don't care, I didn't want to marry you anyway.' I think she probably would have given him a second chance. Because you know, you're keeping your family together."

Teresa and Joe Giudice, who have four daughters together, announced their split in December.

Joe has been living in Italy since he chose to wait there for the result of his deportation appeal, after being held in ICE custody after being released from prison following his sentence for fraud.

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