Jodie Comer teases danger ahead in new teaser trailer for Killing Eve season 3

Another teaser trailer has been revealed for Killing Eve season three, which see’s Jodie Comer’s Villanelle get up close and persona with what appears to be a scalpel on the end of a tuning fork.

Season three drops on 26 April and fans have been given snippets of what they can expect from the upcoming series.

The new teaser flashes between Sandra Oh as Eve and Villanelle, as they’re giving little away about what the next series holds for the pair.

It’s the latest 15-second snippet fans have been given for the show, as the first saw psychopathic assassin Villanelle stroking a sheet of red fabric which covers her face as it billows in the breeze.

The first teaser, which was released on 14th February, saw the words ‘Happy V Day’ appear on the screen with a drop of blood dribbling down the ‘V.’

Fans are excited to see the next series – though there are still a few more weeks to wait – and called for the full trailer to be released.

They tweeted: ‘release the trailer already’ and ‘wait… is that a tuning fork with a pointy end? is she going to check someone’s hearing? is she going to use it to kill someone?’

Others added: ‘Talk about teasing’, ‘Wow Wow Wow!!! OMG this is wicked! Thank you @KillingEve @AMC_TV’ and ‘10 minutes and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it… so good thank you’.

While not much has been officially confirmed plot-wise, Sandra recently dropping a major spoiler about what fans can expect for season three.

After the explosive season two finale saw the cat-and-mouse chase reach its climax as Eve was shot by her arch-nemesis/girl crush Villanelle, fans have desperately been waiting to find out the MI6 agent’s fate.

Thankfully, the wait is over as Sandra has set the record straight, confirming that Eve has not been killed, telling Porter magazine: ‘So, obviously I didn’t die.’

According to the 48-year-old actress, the next series will pick up from where that dramatic moment left off, as she mysteriously continued: ‘[The next season] is basically about where you come back after that, emotionally.’

Killing Eve returns on 26 April.

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