Jess Caroline takes her shirt off for Instagram — 90 Day Fiance star 'embracing' her curves

Jess Caroline’s relationship with Colt Johnson may be over, but the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star is as confident as ever, posting a topless photo of herself to Instagram.

In the post, a topless Jess poses in a pair of jeans with her back to the camera and preaches a message on the importance of self-love by saying, “It’s about time we STOP shaming people for their bodies or trying to dictate how they should look.”

She finished the caption by sharing, “Love yourself girls and don’t let anyone’s sexist opinion tell you otherwise!”

The red-haired beauty has been open with her followers and often shares snaps of herself in bikinis, many of them captioned with inspirational messages.

In one particular shot of her in the ocean, Jess shares, “How to have a body for the summer. Number 1 – have summer. Number 2 – have a body. Always love yourself, you are beautiful exactly as you are.”

Jess supported Colt on his weight loss journey

Jess was introduced as Colt’s new girlfriend in the latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and the chemistry between the two was undeniable. It seemed that they could barely keep their hands off of one another and for a moment it looked like Cold may have finally found the love he was looking for.

Following his divorce from his wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Colt had been working on getting into shape and it seemed that Jess was in full support and accepted Colt exactly how he was.

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However, it didn’t take long for the cracks to appear and expose the unstable state of their relationship. The most notable crack was Jess’ jealousy over one of Colt’s friends, Vanessa. Jess knew that Colt had briefly dated Vanessa and was uncomfortable with them maintaining any sort of relationship.

Though Colt denied having any feelings for Vanessa, claiming they truly are just friends, he decided to lie to Jess by telling her that they were no longer on speaking terms, which wasn’t the case.

The drama continued when Colt’s mother, Debbie, invited herself to join the pair on a trip to Jess’ home country of Brazil.

It was clear that Debbie wasn’t fond of the idea that Colt was dating so soon after finalizing his divorce from Larissa, who also happens to be Brazilian. Debbie questioned Jess’ motives from the beginning, accusing Jess of only wanting to be with Colt so she could obtain a green card.

Colt did his best to defend his relationship with Jess, telling his mother that he loved her. But this did little to ease Debbie’s concerns that the relationship was bound to end up just like his marriage.

When in Brazil

Although Debbie didn’t accept their relationship, Colt and Jess didn’t let that stop them from enjoying the trip.

While at the beach, Colt stripped down into teeny tiny swim trunks exclaiming, “when in Brazil, do as the Brazilians do.”

Colt’s display of confidence excited Jess who lovingly responded, “Ooh. Sexy boy!”

After a visit with Jess’ family, Colt took her father, Silvio, aside and asked for his blessing to propose to his daughter. And while Debbie wasn’t part of the secret conversation, she could tell that this was heading in a direction that she didn’t approve of and found a way to bring it to a halt.

Once back at the hotel, Debbie made a bold and, some fans argue, manipulative move when she let it slip that Vanessa was currently at their home back in Las Vegas babysitting their cats.

This realization caught Jess off guard and ultimately led to the couple’s largest fight of the season. And though they were able to patch things up before Colt headed home to Vegas, it was obvious that the trust had been lost between them.

Jess has moved on

While viewers are watching the season unfold, as of today, the couple has called it quits.

The breakup wasn’t a smooth one either, with Jess not being shy about shaming Colt for sharing her personal pictures with his buddies.

It hasn’t been all bad for Jess, though, as she’s found a new friend in Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa. The two became fast friends and it’s believed that Larissa is to thank for Jess meeting her current boyfriend, Brian Hanvey, a New York-based singer and music producer. The two were said to have been introduced after Larissa and her boyfriend, Eric, made an appearance in one of Brian’s music videos.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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