James 'Arg' Argent is vomiting blood and can't fart after having half his stomach cut out in life-saving £10k gastric op

JAMES Argent has been vomiting blood and can't fart after having half his stomach cut out in a life-saving gastric operation.

The £10,000 surgery has given Arg hope of long-lasting weight loss, but it has certainly taken the wind out of his sails.

He cannot eat solid food for six weeks, instead swapping his favourite pizza and chocolate for liquid meals such as shakes and juices.

He must inject himself daily into his stomach and revealed that even water and paracetamol are a struggle to keep down since the surgery.

The celeb exclusively told The Sun: "It is quite scary when you’re just randomly being sick and you’re seeing lots of blood come up.

"Just dealing with trapped wind is really uncomfortable. They encouraged me to keep burping to get wind out, but you can’t even fart."

The ex Towie star if on a full body health kick after overcoming a drink and drug battles.

He has twice been to a Thai rehab centre for addiction.

Last year, he admitted to The Sun he was a cocaine addict after taking the drug for seven years and suffering two near-fatal overdoses.

As well as his recent romance with Gemma Collins Arg had a high-profile eight-year romance with Lydia Bright, another former Towie colleague.

He told The Sun he and "first love" Lydia, 30, have become close pals during his rock-bottom time.

He said: "Me and Lydia are extremely close again — we have kept that low-key and behind closed doors.

"Obviously she’s had a beautiful baby and she’s a single mother now. We were together years before Towie existed or before either of us were in the public eye.

"She’s a real friend and she and her mum have been an incredible support to me.

"I’m very fond of Lydia. I’m lucky to have her in my life and for us to be such close friends.

"But my whole weight loss journey isn’t to try and win anyone back and it isn’t for any particular woman. I am doing this genuinely for myself."

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