I've got no interest in commitment, I'm a man eater, I'm a 1,000 out of ten – meet the latest Too Hot To Handle stars

IT is the perfect recipe for love: Take ten toned men and women, submerge in steam then leave to simmer before serving up a hit dating show.

Too Hot To Handle, which returns to Netflix for a second series next week, sees a host of beautiful people being led into temptation in a tropical retreat – but there is a tantalising twist.

Unlike its rival, ITV2’s Love Island, the contestants on the Netflix show only win the cash prize if they manage to resist getting it on with somebody.

And that doesn’t just mean sex, it includes any form of physical contact, including kissing or caressing. In the ultimate test of abstinence, anyone taking part in this US show has to refrain from “self-gratification” or face seeing their cash prize of 100,000 dollars whittled down.

The first captivating season, filmed in Mexico, saw it become an instant hit around the world, topping Netflix’s “most watched” list in TEN countries.

Now it is back with fewer contestants but just as much heat as it shifts location to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Bahamas with a collection of stunners from across the globe, including three Brits.

One of last year’s contestants Chloe Veitch, 22, from Essex, said: “The villa is full of sexy singletons, so everyone just wants to jump on each other.

“It’s like heaven. The villa is stunning, you’re always in a bikini, so everyone has always got their bodies out.

“They know what you’re doing all the time. There’s cameras everywhere.

“I resisted too much temptation because my family said to me before I went in, ‘Please dont have sex on telly’. And, trust me, one turn-off is the sound of your mum and nan echoing in your head.”

We take a look at this year’s luscious line-up.

  • The first four episodes will be available on June 23 and the remaining six on June 30.

Cam, 24, personal trainer, Wales

MODEL Cam Holmes, from South Wales, is a self-confessed sexy nerd, who loves The Lord Of The Rings.

He has even confessed to trying some “elf-based role play”.

Cam Holmes has a “grass is greener attitude” to women – in other words he struggles to settle down.

Emily, 27, model, England

LONDONER Emily Faye Miller has no interest in commitment and says she always gets what she wants – even if that means breaking hearts.

She is the life and soul, and wrote on Instagram: “A little party never killed nobody”.

Larissa, 28, lawyer, New Zealand

LARISSA Trownson, from Auckland, says she isn’t a one-man kind of girl.

Which is why when she’s not immersed in the legal world she is out partying.

Tellingly the catchphrase on her Instagram is “You can be intellectual and wear a bikini too”.

Peter, 21, personal trainer, USA

WHEN New Yorker Peter Vigilante isn’t pumping iron, he’s a TikTok influencer.

And it reaps rewards as Peter gets 200 messages a day from admirers.

He isn’t all vanity, though, his mum is the No1 woman in his life.

Marvin, 26, influencer, France

PARISIAN Marvin Anthony has brawn and brains as he boasts a masters degree in finance and his own concierge business.

He got his incredible physique by playing basketball at the highest level in his homeland.

Nathan, 27, former stripper, England

ORIGINALLY from the UK, Nathan Webb moved to Texas for a job as a Magic Mike-style erotic dancer.

He loves country music almost as much as he loves the ladies, and admits he tends to jump from one to the next because he once had his heart broken.

Carly, 24, model, Canada

ORONTO beauty Carly Lawrence says she is a “man eater” and only interested in having fun.

The former competitive dancer hates being told what to do, so may not take kindly to having to keep her hands to herself.

Melinda, 28, model, USA

BROOKLYN-born Melinda Berry is one of 16 siblings and says that it helped her to learn how to stand out in a crowd.

She relishes being complimented and describes herself as “a predator on the hunt”.

Chase, 24, athlete, USA

PRO footballer Chase De Moor, from Arizona, is tall, dark and handsome – and gives himself “1,000 out of ten” in the sack. So maths isn’t his strong point.

Like football, he sees the show as one big game, which he reckons he can win.

Kayla, 26, model, USA

SURFER Kayla Jean, from Florida, is happiest when hanging out by the ocean, so she will be right at home on the Turks and Caicos Islands.

She loves checking out men, particularly bad boys, and claims she has never been rejected by the opposite sex.

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