I'm A Celebs AJ Pritchard slams trolls who sent girlfriend Abbie Quinnen death threats that left her 'terrified'

I'M A Celebs AJ Pritchard has slammed cruel trolls who sent his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen death threats that left her "terrified".

The professional dancer, 26, has fired back at crazed trolls saying that they should be "happy to see two young people in love".

Abbie, 23, has been in a relationship with the former Strictly star since May 2018 but says his stint in I'm A Celebrity sparked "more abuse" that left her frightened.

AJ said: "It’s really nice to see two young people that are in love and to share our lives with our fans

"I think it's amazing the way Abbie goes above and beyond to message and reply to people, fans appreciate that.

"Being on Strictly, my relationship was always brought into question – as long as I am always honest about everything I feel my fans have been supportive."

The star explained that being in a couple may lose him some fans but admits that he would never "rub his happy relationship" in anyone's face.

He added: "If you are a young guy and if you’re not single people don’t want to follow you but I think when they see you do things for other people like charity work then they understand.

"We don’t rub our relationship it in anyone’s faces, we are just happy. In a year like this when people just want to be happy and thankful for what they’ve got, for me I’m thankful for having Abbie and for the nice things I am able to do – that’s why our fans are really supportive."

Abbie previously told The Sun that she was warned that a hitman had been given a list of dates and places where she would be performing.

It sent her into a state of shock, and police advised her to beef up her personal security.

Abbie, who revealed she has received several death threats since she started dating AJ last year, said: “It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.”

She recalled: “I didn’t know what to do.

“I told AJ. He was like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening’. My heart literally dropped and I remember my legs were shaking.

“You honestly see this stuff on movies and you never would expect it to happen to you. We went to the police.

"I try to keep really positive as I know how much happiness he brings to lots of people which makes me really happy," she added.

"It's crazy that some people have this streak in them and they want to ruin people's lives."

The ballroom dancer reunited with the love of his life after spending three weeks in Gwrych Castle, north Wales.

AJ said he couldn't keep his hands off of his beautiful girlfriend after she pulled out the stops to welcome him home – including a balloon castle, red carpet and all of his favourite snacks and chocolates.

He said: "It was so good to be together and to hug her, I think she lost more weight than me due to stress watching the show.

"It was just really nice having someone in your arms, I don’t think I even said anything for the first five minutes, I was just kissing and hugging her, I was very emotional and she was shaking. It was just perfect.

"I think it’s really nice when you’ve met somebody and you know you don’t have to say anything and you’re both thinking the exact same thing."

AJ revealed that he plans to tie the knot with dream girl Abbie in the future after realising just how much he missed her while in camp.

The telly star said: "I think the best thing about Abbie is that she just says it how it is. She also goes above and beyond for her family and family is so important to me.

"We got to know each other as friends before getting into a relationships, she does these quirky cute things.

"There is nothing I would change about the scenario.It's really nice to be in the moment. I think in the next couple of years I can see everything going the way I want it to."

When asked about wedding plans, AJ replied: "That would be the way I would love it to go definitely, we’ll wait and see. I like living in the moment."

The dancer had viewers glued to the screen as he faced his fear of rats and small spaces and spiders in a series of stomach-churning Bushtucker trials.

AJ admitted that his experience taught him a lot and was lucky to form a sweet bromance with Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah.

AJ said: "We’ll all stay great friends for life, there was no animosity. I am even wearing one of Mo’s bracelets, he’s my brother from another mother.

"Being in the camp reminded me how lucky I am and how thankful I am for my support system and my gorgeous family."

AJ have teamed up with Curtis for their new tour, AJ and Curtis' Big Night Out.

It will be an all singing and dancing variety show perfect for the whole family, packed with explosive choreography with some incredible special guest singers.

AJ said: "We will have a live band, live instruments, and a group of dancers around us.Abbie works in the West End, it’s really sad to think that peoplewho wanted to go to theatre schools to learn to dance and perform were unable to – we may have lost a whole year of talent and that’s really scary."

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