How Many Times Have 'Sex and the City' Cast Members Weighed in on the Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker Feud?

Kim Cattrall is back in the news, renewing interest in her feud with Sarah Jessica Parker. Cattrall claims she has “no regrets” when it comes to the way she approached the on-set Sex and the City feud. She also doesn’t seem to have a problem with the publicity it generated, either. Her costars have thoughts, too. In fact, over the years, several cast members have weighed in on the bitter rivalry. Do you remember everything that other Sex and the City actors have said about the Cattrall/Parker feud?

Jason Lewis took Parker’s side in the feud

Jason Lewis is famous for playing Samantha Jones’ love interest, Smith Jared. He first appeared in season 6 of Sex and the City. Lewis also reprised his role in both Sex and the City: The Movie and Sex and the City 2. While the actor’s on-screen persona was loyal to Samantha, Lewis appears to be siding with Parker in real life.

In January 2020, Lewis sat down for an interview and made his feelings about the feud known. According to The Sun, Lewis told Closer Magazine that he hadn’t spoken to Cattrall since she first began speaking out against Parker. Lewis said, “We haven’t fallen out, but I’ve made no secret of the fact I love Sarah and she was only ever great to me, so I think the way she was treated was unfair.” Lewis also defended Parker in 2018.

Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis have never publicly spoken about the feud, but their Instagram accounts might speak volumes

Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis were a part of the Sex and the City cast from the show’s pilot episode. That doesn’t mean they are willing to speak publicly about the battle between Cattrall and Parker. In fact, Nixon, who portrayed Miranda Hobbes for six seasons, and Davis, who took on the role of Charlotte York, have stayed quiet about the entire situation. Fans, however, have been reading into their Instagram posts.

In 2018, as the drama between Cattrall and Parker appeared to be heating up, both Nixon and Davis shared photos that included Parker on their Instagram feeds. Nixon shared a snapshot with Parker, after running into her at a magazine in February 2018. In September 2018, Davis uploaded a throwback picture that featured Nixon and Parker. Cattrall was not included in the picture. Fans have taken both snapshots as a sign that they are firmly on team Parker.

Willie Garson and Chris Noth clearly have thoughts, too

There doesn’t appear to be any love lost between Willie Garson and Cattrall. Garson, who famously played Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City, threw shade at Cattrall for squashing a third Sex and the City movie. He didn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that Cattrall didn’t want to do the film. However, he certainly took issue with the way Cattrall approached it. Garson and Parker have enjoyed a friendship that predates Sex and the City, so it’s obvious he’s on team Parker.

Noth, on the other hand, took a very “Mr. Big” approach to the feud when he was caught out and about by TMZ. When approached about the rivalry in 2018, Noth decided to keep quiet. He didn’t utter a word and just rolled up his car window on the paparazzi. He has never spoken publicly about the feud. The smirk on his face in the video suggests he certainly has thoughts, though.

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