How Lottie Moss overtook sister Kate as THE hellraising supermodel with wild parties and 'substances'

ALTHOUGH the two sisters share model good looks, their lives right now could not be more different.

While Kate Moss, 46, settles down into a wholesome countryside existence, half-sister Lottie, 22, is surrounding herself with reality TV stars on the party circuit.

Last week the young model was spotted looking cosy with Love Islander Chris Hughes at his birthday bash on Mykonos, Greece.

Also among the revellers was Manchester United captain Harry Maguire, who later that night was arrested after a brawl.

And on Monday Lottie shared a snap of herself glugging from a bottle of rosé wine at a photoshoot.

But while Lottie lives up to the hedonistic reputation of her older sister, Kate herself has been sober for three years and increasingly avoids the limelight.

The two models share the same father, Peter.

After divorcing Kate’s mum Linda in 1987 — a year before their daughter was discovered by the founder of Storm Models — Peter married Inger Solnordal, and Lottie was born in 1998.

Coincidentally, Lottie was scouted by the same agency after she was a bridesmaid at Kate’s wedding to now ex-husband Jamie Hince in 2011.

She soon followed in her sister’s footsteps posing for Chanel, Calvin Klein and Versace and has appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris.

But just as little Lottie appeared poised to inherit her sister’s crown as queen of the catwalk, last year she seemingly ditched the couture in pursuit of a C-list celebrity lifestyle.

First to go were her natural good looks and English rose complexion, as she opted for a boob job, bronzed skin and hair extensions.

She even plumped for that Instagram model must-have, lip fillers.

Lottie said: “My lips were actually something that I slightly regret. I was following the crowd.”

Lottie had already shown a taste for partying like her sister, with reports claiming she and her friends angered locals in the Bahamas in 2018 with loud music and debauched behaviour.

Later that year, she forgot to take her chihuahua dog home from a London house party after having one too many drinks.

She said: “I’d really like to be that person who loves going home after a long, hard day to have a bath.

“But that’s just not me. I often come home expecting to have one glass and somebody tells me that they’re out and I’m like, ‘Great – so am I!’”

Meanwhile, Kate has adopted a slower pace of life after years grabbing headlines for her marathon booze benders.

Kate said earlier this year: “I hit the sack at 11pm-ish and watch Netflix before I go to sleep.

“I deal with stress by doing yoga.”

And her teetotal lifestyle initially seemed to resonate with Lottie, who reportedly gave up booze in January ahead of her two-year work-related move to Los Angeles.

But it was short-lived as a drunken kiss with a stranger on a night out at London celeb hangout Chiltern Firehouse in February saw her Louis Vuitton handbag stolen — with her passport inside.

Her move across the pond had to be delayed.

A source said: “Lottie was mortified about her passport.

"She’d made a song and dance about moving to LA, but after getting drunk she met this guy and they ended up having a snogging session.

“Later she realised someone had taken her handbag with her passport in it. Her friends think it’s hilarious.”

As Britain went into lockdown, Lottie moved into Kate’s country pile in Little Faringdon, Oxfordshire, which she shares with daughter Lila, 17, and boyfriend Count Nikolai von Bismarck, 33.

The source added: “Kate came to the rescue and said Lottie could isolate with her during lockdown.

“Happily she’s successfully re-applied for a replacement passport and hopes to return to Los Angeles later in the year.”

It was considered a good thing to have fun, but now I feel as though people demonise it

Her time in the countryside led Lottie to reflect on her partying ways.

In April, she posted on Instagram: “My struggles have caused me to act out of character and ultimately I think I was becoming a person that I didn’t really like which is why I numbed myself with substances and put myself down through neglect of my mental health and my general health.

“Going down that road made it very hard for me to get out.

"I was surrounding myself with people who were in a similar mental state to me and I can see now that was not helping.”

But the next month, Lottie was back in London hanging out with her Made In Chelsea friends Emily Blackwell and Harvey Armstrong.

She was criticised for attending a booze-fuelled party at reality stars Jamie Laing and Sophie Haboo’s house, breaking social-distancing rules.

Sister Kate knows the perils of the showbiz circuit all too well, having spent five weeks in rehab in 1998.

And she almost lost her career when a video of her taking drugs was made public in 2005.

In 2017, Kate gave up booze for good. She said last year: “I don’t want to go back to how I was drinking.

“It got out of control. I don’t think alcohol can make you happy. I was always hungover.”

On her big sister’s hell-raising past, Lottie said last year: “The party was where you wanted to be.

“It was considered a good thing to have fun, but now I feel as though people demonise it.

“All the stuff my sister used to do in the day, she’d definitely have to apologise for now.

“It would be a PR disaster.”

Let’s hope Lottie won’t have to call on Kate’s publicist any time soon.

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