Homes Under the Hammer’s Dion Dublin gobsmacked by lowest house price in show's history

HOMES Under the Hammer's Dion Dublin is left absolutely gobsmacked by the lowest house price in the show's history.

The property show presenter was stunned at the home's guide price of just £10,000 and went inside to investigate.

The ex-footballer, 51, visited the three-bedroom, semi-detached house which can be found in Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire.

The show's presenters usually take a look around the home before estimating how much it would be worth, but Dion was convinced it would never be sold for £10k before he even stepped inside.

Walking through the front garden, he said: “This is the lowest guide price I’ve ever come across, and it will never sell for this, absolutely no chance – £10,000? “It’s just a starting price. Look at the size of it!”

“Okay right, before we start the tour around the house, has anybody noticed what kind of house this is? Anybody?”

But he didn’t disclose too much at the beginning as he went on: “I’ll get back to you. Right, the house itself has got a sort of porch area and a downstairs loo.

“Then it takes you into the kitchen – bit of a breakfast bar. The kitchen and the breakfast bar have kind of seen better days.”

The South Yorkshire property was eventually sold for approximately £40,000, and once it had been refurbished, it was estimated between £90,000 and £100,000.

Twitter fans were just shocked with the guide price as one wrote: "Classic Homes Under the Hammer today – first up a 3 bedroom house in South Yorkshire (Grimethorpe) with guide price of £10k."

From a previous episode, Dion was left horrified after turning up to a property to find the walls were crumbling inside.

The former Premier League golden boot winner travelled to the small village of Cofton Hackett in Worcestershire to find out more about a property, which was valued at a measly guide price of £50,000.

Why so cheap? Because the house was in such a state, that he was unable to enter because it wasn't safe.

As a result, Dion stood outside as he explained the dangerous parts of the home to the audience.

He said: “Not looking great, is it? To be honest with you, it’s not a great start," before pointing above and explained: "it’s not very pleasing on the eye, is it? Look at the render at the top, that is shocking, it’s falling apart."

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