Hollyoaks Patrick Blake star now – new job, on-set injury and baffling soap exit

It's been six years since Hollyoaks star Jeremy Sheffield made his exit from the show as abusive husband Patrick Blake.

The tragic storyline saw Patrick murdered by his granddaughter Nico after he had begged both his daughter Sienna and wife Maxine to help him die when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

The talented actor has taken a backseat in his career since the tragic ending for arguably his most memorable TV character.

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However, his career to date has seen him take on some huge roles, including as a dancer in iconic Queen video I Want To Break Free.

Ballet Dancer role

Not just an acting talent Jeremy is actually a fully-fledged ballet dancer, having trained with the Royal Ballet in Covent Garden.

He put his name to a series of prolific dancing jobs most notably starring in the music video for Queen’s I Want To Break Free.

However, his dance career came to an abrupt end at the age of 27 when he unfortunately broke his toe causing him damage he could not come back from.

He was left to turn his hand to acting, which helped him to score a second huge music video role when he landed the part of the love interest in the promo for Natalie Imbruglia's huge chart-topping hit Torn.

On-set "fight"

Jeremy and co-star Nikki Sanderson gave their all to their acting roles as troubled couple Patrick and Maxine, so much so that one fight between the pair saws her end up injured.

Nikki was left with whiplash after one ferocious fight on set, leaving her needing three weeks down time to recover.

She previously explained the injury: “Jeremy is brilliant, we get on very well.

“We can push boundaries. I would say, ‘Do this harder, grab me more severely.’

“I did get hurt a few times. I got bruising and whiplash for three weeks because when he was supposed to have hit me I twisted too quickly.”

The actress was quick to absolve her co-star of any wrongdoing adding: “It was my own fault but when I hit the floor I didn’t do it how they told me to land.”

Soap exit confusion

Jeremy's exit storyline saw Patrick – who had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease – brutally suffocated to death by his granddaughter Nico after she learned he had tried to expose her as Carly Bradley's real killer.

Jeremy had originally begged his daughter, Sienna, to end his life but she refused, with wife Maxine stepping in to help him instead.

Patrick then plotted to frame her for murder as he believed she was planning to run away with ex-boyfriend Darren Osbourne.

However, Maxine couldn't go through with killing him as she still loved him, and realising this Patrick changed his mind and decided he didn't want to die after all.

But Nico – who had been helping him to frame Maxine – had overheard a conversation between Patrick and Sienna where he admitted he'd recorded a confession for policeman Ben Bradley.

Nico then murdered Patrick, and let Maxine believe he was going through with his plan to frame her, so she and Darren left his body at the bottom of a cliff to make his death look like suicide.

Viewers watching the killing were left confused due to the early broadcast time of the show meaning very little was shown on screen of Patrick's actual murder.

So when viewers took to Twitter to question what had happened Jeremy cleared up the confusion.

One fan asked if Nico had killed Patrick to which he replied: "She so did."

He then teased fans further as he hinted Nico was going to walk away with the crime adding: "She lives in the house… Her DNA would be inconclusive…"

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