Holly Willoughby coronavirus fears: This Morning star in turmoil over her parents’ health

Holly Willoughby, 39, was joined by her co-host Phillip Schofield, 57, to present today’s mid-week edition of This Morning and they discussed the news making the headlines. With coronavirus continuing to dominate, the presenters are joined by agony aunt Deidre Sanders to address some of the public’s fears. However, the host voiced her own concerns about her family and in particular, how she should approach looking out for her parents.

There are now a total of 373 cases of coronavirus in the UK, with six people having died as a result of the outbreak.

With the elderly and those with underlying health conditions at the most risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, the presenters were talking about the measures people could take to help the most vulnerable.

Join by Consultant geriatrician Dr Claire Steves as well as resident agony aunt Deidre, Holly voiced her worries about her ageing parents.

“My mum’s older than me, she’s 72, so she’s creeping up into the age bracket and my dad,” the host explained.


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“As a daughter, because I want to look after them, should I be making sure they’ve got enough food in?” Holly continued.

“So, the advice is, nobody needs to go out stockpiling, but we do need to think about if someone needs to isolate, who’s going to get the shopping?”

Dr Claire replied: “So, the advice is, nobody needs to go out stockpiling, but we do need to think about if someone needs to isolate, who’s going to get the shopping?

“And, also, do we have a backup plan in terms of if they need more support. Can they ring somebody else?”

I want to look after them

Holly Willoughby

The health care professional urged viewers to share their numbers with neighbours and work together to combat the spread of coronavirus.

“We’re going to get through this if we stick together and support each other,” Dr Claire said in response to Holly’s questions about her parents.

However, Deidre explained people should still air caution over precautions to help neighbours, even if they are just stopping by for a few minutes.

“I think we’ve got to be careful as well. I do an elderly neighbour’s shopping for her – she’s housebound.”

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“When I take it in, how am I going to protect her. So, I’m going to need to go home and wash my hands, then go and take her shopping in and just sort of leave it for her,” the agony aunt continued.

Phillip then added: “I think that’s also the case with relatives.

“If you are going around to see an elderly relative, then as you get to their house, maybe if you can get hand gel, you clean your hands as you get to the door and assume from that moment on that’s got to be a safe zone.”

The current Government precautionary advice with regards to coronavirus is to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water.


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There are no current restrictions on banning sporting events and social gatherings, with the UK in the contain stage of the Government’s four-stage plan.

Dr Claire also explained the other precautionary measures elderly people should take to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Asked by Holly if there was any supplement to help boost immune systems, the health professional added: “So, there isn’t any evidence that anything, in particular, can boost the immune system.

“However, a healthy diets a good thing to do and making sure people are well provisioned with vitamins over this time is sensible.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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