Harry Potter movies: What was filming the series like behind the scenes? ‘Suffocating’

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Harry Potter began life as an idea in J.K. Rowling’s head before she took to writing it down in the early 1990s. By 1997, the first book had come out, and it quickly became a huge success, inspiring fans to queue up for hours to get their hands on the next book. The novels have sold more than 500 million copies, and J.K. Rowling is now the only billionaire author out there, having earned even more from the films and related franchises.

What was filming the Harry Potter series like behind the scenes?

Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the series, has recently spoken out about what it was really like to be on the set of Harry Potter.

One word he used was ‘suffocating,’ but he also expressed the joy he found working on those movies.

He told the Armchair Expert podcast: “There was definitely a time where it felt quite suffocating because it was heavy going – it was every day for 10 years in the end.

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“Every year, we came back. And it was kind of like Groundhog Day because it was the same sets, it was the same people. But it was great. I loved it.”

He also expressed the awkwardness he found in experiencing puberty on camera and some questionable style choices.

He added: “My hair in film four is one of my biggest regrets. Shoulder length.

“I think everyone actually had a phase of having this really long hair. They liked it – it was kind of wizardy.

“We went through our puberty on camera. You kind of see it all. It is very cringey.”

Emma Watson, who played Hermione, has also spoken up about this aspect of filming, as well as her own hair nightmares.

She told The Mirror: “It’s embarrassing to see myself go through the awkward stages of growing up — my hair was just enormous!

“I have spent more of my life being someone else than I have being myself.”

The feeling of losing herself in the role is something she has spoken about before, telling The Telegraph as a younger person: “Sometimes I miss the fact that I have never really been a teenager because I have been Hermione for such a long time.”

Daniel Radcliffe, who played the title role, arguably struggled with this most, as he was on screen the most of the three of them.

For him, he has been able to embrace it and does not regret working on the film.

He told interviewer Sam Jones: “There was never a point where I was like, ‘Oh I wish this hadn’t happened to me, I wish I wasn’t Harry Potter…;’

“It would be kind of sad to look back on a huge part of your life and not embrace it.”

This did take some time to sink in, however, as in his early 20s Daniel struggled with reliance on alcohol, but has been sober since 2010.

Speaking to Radio 4, he said: “If I went out and if I got drunk, I’d suddenly be aware of there being interest in that because it’s not just a drunk guy, it’s ‘Oh, Harry Potter’s getting drunk in the bar…’

“[The role] carried some kind of interest for people and also a slightly mocking interest. It’s inherently funny for people.”

Daniel has also said he would not be interested in reprising his role in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Asked about this by Variety, he said: “I don’t think so. I don’t like, say no to things, but it’s not something that I’m rushing to do.

“I feel like those films have moved on and they’re doing just fine without us. I’m happy to keep it that way.”

Overall, it seems all three of the main cast have good memories and are generally thankful for their roles in the Harry Potter series, despite some issues which they have had to struggle with since.

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