Hancock hits back at Susanna Reid as she criticises UK visa plan for Ukrainians

Ukraine: Susanna Reid quizzes Hancock on EU’s visa-free access

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The former Health Secretary, who said he will “be signing up and opening my home to support our Ukrainian friends” after the Government launched the sponsorship scheme – Homes for Ukraine – to allow people and organisations to give Ukrainians fleeing the war a place to stay on Monday afternoon. But Matt Hancock slammed ITV Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid for criticising the scheme. She said: “Our EU neighbours have just said you can come in.”

Mr Hancock replied: “They’re in a different situation because they’ve always had recently in the last few years, visa-free access.

“In the UK, we have decided and I think it’s the right decision that you do need to have those security checks.”

Ms Reid interjected: “The security checks can still be done.

“The visa is an extra obstacle.”

The former minister continued: “The proposal with the new visa coming in on Friday is that essentially it is the security checks and somebody is on the other side.

“It’s essentially a sponsored visa scheme where you take the fact that someone is willing to vouch for you here.”

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