'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Are Fed Up With the Show's 'Accidental Baby' Trend

In recent years, it has seemed as though Shonda Rhimes is the queen of television dramas. From How to Get Away With Murder to Scandal, Shondaland is constantly expanding and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Although her latest project, Bridgerton, has been occupying many headlines, her longest-running and most famous work to date is undoubtedly Grey’s Anatomy

For 17 seasons, Rhimes has produced episodes that deliver unique medical mysteries, heart-pounding surgeries, and shocking plot twists. Fans have a love-hate relationship with the screenwriter, praising her talents and cursing her murders of their favorite characters. Lately, however, some have felt that the star may be running out of ideas. 

Grey’s Anatomy has been delivering drama since 2005

When Grey’s Anatomy hit ABC over fifteen years ago, early viewers couldn’t have anticipated the phenomenon it would become. Britannica recounts its high ratings, frequent Emmy nominations, and 2007 win of a Golden Globe. Still, despite the accolades, it’s hard for a show to captivate audiences for nearly two decades. 

The compelling premise certainly helps. The first episode sees Meredith Grey wake up from a one-night stand and quickly get ready for her first day of work at a hospital. When she arrives, she’s horrified to find that her boss is the attractive man from the night before. While it’s certainly a bold start, this accidental workplace romance is probably the least dramatic thing to unfold in the first season. 

With fans quickly becoming well-versed in surgical terminology, Grey’s is easily the cheapest medical school around. Still, to get your education, you’ll have to get used to plenty of deaths, heartbreaks, and betrayals. While most viewers have grown numb to the pain, there’s one trend they can’t get over. 

Even the most loyal fans are sick of this trope

As the series wears on, our favorite characters grow older and their relationships become more mature. Needless to say, Rhimes was not going to miss out on the chance to showcase all of the drama that comes with pregnancy. Though the prospect of our favorite surgeons having mini-mes is adorable, the move is starting to feel a bit over-done for some… especially the element of surprise that Rhimes seems to favor. 

In recent seasons, main characters like Miranda Bailey, Teddy Altman, and Amelia Shepherd have all experienced an unexpected pregnancy. These twists happened in such quick succession that Bailey and Shepherd were actually dubbed “pregnancy buddies” by Bustle, and fans aren’t buying it. 

A Reddit thread discussing Altman’s most recent romance inevitably led to opinions about her pregnancy. One user expressed their struggle to suspend their disbelief, writing, “The multiple accidental babies makes the whole thing feel a little bit ridiculous, and this is Grey’s so that’s saying something.” U/RedBirdRockNRoll chimed in, finding it funny that “extraordinarily trained and supposedly capable doctors” couldn’t grasp birth control. 

Many things are uncertain in season 17

Though many are clearly annoyed by the on-screen baby boom, die-hard fans have been confronting bigger problems. As Good Housekeeping reports, season 17 of the show went on hiatus. Although it isn’t unheard of for Grey’s to break during the winter months, viewers were left with an unbearable cliffhanger.

The show is set to return in the coming weeks, but some are still filled with dread. Not only are the fate of their favorite characters in limbo, but the fate of the show. As the last episodes of the short season loom closer, we’re desperately awaiting official news about a Season 18.

For many, a continuation of the series would be worth a few more surprise babies.     

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