#GoldOpen Brings the Movie Theater Experience Home With Premier Access for ‘Mulan’

#GoldOpen — the movement created by nonprofit collective Gold House to ensure the opening weekend success of multicultural films — has announced #GoldOpen Premier Access for the release of “Mulan” on Disney Plus on Sept. 4.

“Mulan” will be the first film to debut on the streaming platform with Premier Access, making it possible to watch the film before other Disney Plus subscribers — and as many times as viewers want to thereafter — for $29.99.

“We miss being together — and know the power communities unlock when they come together. As sheltering-in-place continues, it’s incumbent on us to uncover new methods of producing premium, communal experiences from our homes,” #GoldOpen head of operations Brian Nemes said. “What better way to start than with one of the boldest Asian legends, ‘Mulan’; a cross-continental cast; and a legion of partners devoted to reimagining the theatre experience while doing good for the community.”

#GoldOpen Premier Access will provide fans with a slew of activities to help enrich their at-home movie-watching experience. This includes live Twitter screening parties every day of opening weekend followed by Q&As with the cast that will be streamed on Facebook, limited edition “Mulan” products from Disney and Asian American Girl Club, Chinatown-inspired products to support iconic New York City store Pearl River Mart and takeout deals from local Chinese restaurants in place of movie theater concessions.

“The story of ‘Mulan,’ filled with bravery, love of family, resourcefulness, and a struggle to find one’s place in the world, is one that resonates deeply with many of us, especially immigrants and children of immigrants, in the Asian American community,” president of Pearl River Mart Joanne Kwong said. “Our communities are hurting in so many ways right now, and although ‘Mulan’ is just a movie, it reminds us that heroes are created when ordinary people step up during extraordinary times — just like the resilient Chinatowns that we support, the traditional garb that we proudly wear from our ancestors, and the food that takes us from day to day, family to family.”

Each post-screening Q&A panel will reflect one of the film’s themes: loyal, brave and true. See more panel information below.

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