GMB’s Alastair Campbell gets hit by Ofcom complaints in his first week as viewers complain about ‘new Piers Morgan’

GOOD Morning Britain's Alastair Campbell has been hit by a raft of Ofcom complaints.

Viewers complained about the "new Piers Morgan" being "biased" towards the Labour party during his stint on the show.

Ofcom told The Sun: "Complainants alleged Pro-Labour bias from presenter Alastair Campbell."

The former Labour spin doctor, 63, presented alongside Susanna Reid to mark Mental Health Awareness week.

Tony Blair’s ex-right hand man – who has spoken honestly about his own mental health battles – kick-started his new job by telling viewers about his addiction to cold water swimming and what time he'd gone to bed last night.

He even gave Susanna a telling off for calling the Prime Minister by his first name, instead of Mr Johnson.

And within moments of being on-screen, viewers were already revealing their verdict on Alastair – and it was a split reaction after Piers abruptly quit over his comments about Meghan Markle.

One said:" To the chief of GMB WHY. There is no one as good as Piers no matter how hard you try."

Another said: "Is Alastair Campbell on to liven #GMB up because it’s a bit dull without Piers."

Someone commented: "Sometimes a sinking ship just can't be repaired and feel this is the case for."

While others were impressed, with one saying: "Absolutely loving @campbellclaret on @GMB already! Filling that gap nicely! Feels very natural #AlastairCampbell#gmb."

Another added: "GMB should have Alastair Campbell on more often – adds depth and substance which the programme could do with."

Someone else said: "5 or 6 years ago Piers Morgan guest hosted for a week on GMB with Susanna Reid and soon after became the main co-host. Next week Alastair Campbell guest hosts with Reid for a week, hopefully he will go full time too."

When Tony Blair became leader of the Labour Party, Alastair worked for him first as press secretary, then as official spokesman, before becoming director of communications and strategy from 1994 to 2003. 

The infamous Malcolm Tucker character from BBC series The Thick of It is rumoured to be based on Campbell.

When it was announced Alastair would be joining Good Morning Britain, the 63-year-old insisted he was "NOT the new Piers Morgan."

The Sun reported this week that Bill Turnbull will reunite with Susanna Reid next week as he steps in to guest co-host Good Morning Britain.

The 65-year-old TV presenter will front the show alongside Susanna – who he previously co-hosted BBC Breakfast with until she departed for ITV in 2014 – from Monday to Wednesday.

He said: "I am very pleased to be back presenting on GMB, especially as I get to be reunited with my old pal Susanna."

Susanna said: "I am delighted Bill is back in the presenter chair at the GMB desk.

"He has been a beloved favourite of breakfast television viewers for years and a good friend of mine."

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