‘Glad I’m at home’ Chris Kamara in hilarious moment over wife and Amazon delivery man

Chris Kamara jokes about wife Anne’s Amazon deliveries

Chris Kamama joined Steph McGovern on Channel 4’s Packed Lunch for her One O’Clock Views segment. The presenter was addressing the news Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is reportedly stepping down from his position as CEO when the football pundit shared a comical moment between himself, his wife and their Amazon delivery man. 

Packed Lunch regular Luke Kemper said: “Billionaire Jeff Bezos has announced he is stepping down as CEO of Amazon.

“Bezos has retired to spend more time with the things he loves…his money.

“His colleagues brought him a retirement clock on Amazon but the delivery driver left it in the neighbour’s bush.”

Asking the studio audience what they think of the news, Steph said: “Vince, what’s it like at your house? 

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“But Anne has two deliveries every day. I’m glad I’m there because it’s mostly the same bloke.”

As laughter erupted in the studio, Steph said: “We are going some places today, aren’t we Kammy?”

“John please add your [thoughts to the discussion],” she asked chef John Whaite. 

“I’m ashamed of using Amazon too much because I really want to support local, small businesses or crafters,” he revealed. 

“But when you’ve had a few wines it is easy to just buy whatever you want to buy on Amazon.

“I’m ashamed of it but it’s just the world we live in, isn’t it?”

Guest Michael Portillo then revealed the items he buys off the website and said: “Anything that has to be absolutely precise, the right toothbrush head for my electric toothbrush.

“The right light bulb for my light bulb fitting. You go to the shop and they don’t have what you want but then it’s just a quick swipe and it’s there the next day. Amazing service.”

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