'Gilmore Girls': 5 Completely Insignificant Stars Hollow Residents You Probably Still Wonder About

Gilmore Girls, at its core, was about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, but during the show’s seven-season run, countless characters walked in and out of their lives. Some were significant, like the mother and daughter’s extended family, their main love interests, and several key residents of Stars Hollow. Some only hung around for a short time. Even characters who appeared only briefly added something special to the famed series. Years later, we can’t help but wonder what happened to some of these rather minor characters. Do you wonder about them, too?

Did the second town troubadour frequent a town other than Stars Hollow?

The second town troubadour was pretty important to the Stars Hollow landscape. He was the focus of a season 1 episode when the first troubadour flips out about a second troubadour being in Stars Hollow. He appeared again in season 2 when he set up a fruit and vegetable stand in the town square. The cart, kiosk, cart-kiosk discussion at a town hall meeting remains a favorite Gilmore Girls moment for many fans.

After selling out his vegetables, he disappeared again until season 4. In the season 4 episode, “Last Week Fights, This Week Tights,” he served as the officiant at Liz Danes and TJ’s wedding. After officiating the wedding, the second troubadour disappeared again until season 6, when he reappeared after a talent agent discovered the original troubadour. The second troubadour didn’t show up in Stars Hollow again. His constant disappearing acts leave us wondering what he did when he wasn’t hanging around Stars Hollow. Did he have another town he frequented or did his gig at Kinko’s in Groton, Connecticut keep him busy for years at a time?

Did anyone in Stars Hollow ever give Brennon Lewis a chance ever again?

Before Lane worked for Luke Danes, he decided he would give a teen named Brennon Lewis a chance. Luke might have had plenty of patience for Brennon, but the rest of Stars Hollow didn’t. Brennon refused to write down orders, handed out “butt napkins,” and never brought people the food they asked for. The situation got so bad that all of Stars Hollow collectively stopped going to Luke’s, opting instead to go to Weston’s for pie.

Cheryl was never seen again, but there is one comment she made that we can’t stop thinking about. Cheryl said that she wanted to spend an entire year reading during her brief time on screen. Lane, feeling salty, asked her which book she was planning on reading. Since Cheryl never appeared again, Gilmore Girls fans never found out if she did spend a year reading one or even many books. Deep down, we hope she did and that she found a guy who also dedicated himself to the art of reading.

Did Lane Kim’s high-strung cousin ever calm down about people using the bathroom?

Lane Kim’s relationship with her family wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. The rebellious Lane couldn’t get along with her mother, but apparently, she was the odd one out in her extended family, too. Even her younger cousins were sticklers for the rules. In the season 5 episode, “Come Home,” Lane brought Brian, Gil, and Zack to Lunar New Year at her mother’s house.

In the episode, Zack gets up to use the bathroom, only to be brutally rebuffed by a young Kim. The pre-teen screamed at Zack that “nature must wait!” The high-strung lad was never seen again. While his appearance on Gilmore Girls was pretty insignificant, we can’t help but wonder if he grew into a rebel like Lane, secretly harbored dreams of breaking away like Lane’s other cousin, Christine, or simply followed his parents’ path for him.

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