'General Hospital' Kills off Dev, Which Means a Love Quadrangle Won't Happen

Dev Cersi is no more on General Hospital. The fourth major component of the soap opera’s teen scene was one of two characters killed off this week as the show wraps up some storylines heading into the holiday season. The character (played by Ashton Arbab) will definitely leave a void, especially in the teen scene on the series which also features Josslyn Jacks, Trina Robinson, and Cameron Webber.

Ashton Arbab as Dev Cersi

Dev was first introduced on General Hospital in March 2019. The character is from Turkey and was first introduced as a pickpocket who lives on the streets. Sonny Corinthos’, Josslyn’s stepfather, helps him out by telling people he is his cousin and letting him stay with him.

As a part of the scheme, Sonny and Dev tell folks that They say his real name is Devin Corbin and that he was raised by his grandmother, who is the cousin of Mike Corbin (Sonny’s father). He becomes friends with Josslyn, Cameron and Trina. He later reveals to them the secret of his identity and they all agree to keep it from everyone else. He kissed Josslyn and there was a pseudo-love triangle because both Cameron and Dev had feelings with Josslyn. Then, on top of that Trina Robinson, was also connected to Cameron, making this a love quadrangle. However, with Dev out of the picture now, it looks like this will be no longer. But perhaps a love triangle may take place between best friends Trina, Joslyn, and Cameron.

Eden McCoy, who plays Josslyn, spoke about the character once in an interview with ABC Soaps in Depth. “He’s new and exciting and from an exotic foreign country, so he’s intriguing for Joss. He also doesn’t come from wealth yet seems very worldly to her, and I think she’s drawn to how ‘street-smart’ he is. Dev could be really good for Josslyn, given that he obviously cares about her, he’s overcome adversity in his life, and he’s a survivor.”

Ashton Arbab leaves the show as Dev Cersi dies

On Monday’s episode of the show, Dev dies. He was one of two characters who died in an explosion, with the second one being Dustin Phillips, who was played by Mark Lawson. Before he died, he thanked Sonny for welcoming him into his family and was about to apologize to Joss and tell her about the journal.

McCoy commemorated Arbab’s last episode with a post on Twitter. She wrote, “Ashton and I have been friends since we were babies and it was so awesome having him @AshtonArbab playing Dev at #GH with us @LiptonWilliam #LuckyJoss.” William Lipton replied to McCoy’s tweets, writing “favorites’ with hearts.

Fans have been reacting to Dev’s death on the show’s official Instagram page, as well and mourning the character.

One fan wrote, “You didn’t have to kill off Dev 😭😭😭.”

“I’m saddened GH wrote off the actors who played Dev & Dustin,” added someone else. “Wishing both actors all the best.”

The storyline will continue to pan out on the show this week. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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