Gemma Collins admits her three stone weight loss is in jeopardy after gorging on cheese and red wine in lockdown

GEMMA Collins' three stone weight loss is in jeopardy after she admitted to gorging on cheese and red wine in lockdown.

The GC confessed she's been stuck indoors indulging in her favourite foods for weeks – but has refused to give herself a hard time over it.

Gemma, 39, moved into London's Corinthia hotel while waiting for her new home to be ready and told The Sun she had been ordering platters of posh cheese and expensive booze to her room.

Asked if she'd been able to diet during her stay there, she said in our exclusive chat: "Well they have all my requirements of what I like, but I have to say I have been hammering the cheese and red wine in the evening.

"You know what it’s like, you get a taste of all the different cheeses and you think 'oh I’ve got to stop this' but you just can’t."

But the Diva Forever star won't rake herself over the coals for her midnight snacking because she's taken up a new hobby and nips around London on her bicycle after her nights of indulgence.

The GC added: "I get on the bike the next day and it keeps me at bay … you don't feel so guilty about it."

The reality TV legend had already impressed fans with her weight loss efforts, losing three stone in recent months.

When lockdown restrictions loosened earlier this year Gemma went back to using Skinny Jabs to curb her appetite as she indulged in luxury restaurants.

Explaining how she used the controversial weight loss method, the ex Towie star told us at the time: "I use the pen every week and it just really curbs your appetite.

"Basically, since the restaurants have been open again, I’ve been back on them."

Despite being open about her weight battle over the years, Gemma has always refused to discuss how much she actually weighs – and that isn't changing any time soon.

She shared: "I don't think it's healthy for people, or younger girls, to say that I keep getting on the scales.

"I think it's great to not be obsessed with that sort of thing. You know it's how you look really and your health really is your wealth."

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