Gemma Atkinson strips completely naked for racy display on Stephs Packed Lunch

Viewers who tuned into Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch were in for a surprise on Friday afternoon, as the presenter stripped down stark naked on the show to discuss naturism with her guests.

Steph McGovern, 38, and her guests actress Gemma Atkinson, 36, and politician Alan Johnson, 70, also joined in on the fun as they courageously sat unclothed while in the Leeds studio.

Covering their modesty, Gemma and Steph hid their bodies behind large cushions, while the men in the studio took a similar approach.

But the nudity didn't stop there, as comedian Luke Kemper also read the One O'Clock Views without any clothes on too, while John Whaite bravely served up dishes as the resident naked chef and gardener Michael Perry went naked on Leeds Dock.

Before Hollyoaks star Gemma appeared on today's show, she took to Instagram to find out from her fans whether she should wear her glasses or not.

The actress said: "Do I do glasses or not? Because, if I have them, I’ll have to have them for the whole show."

But we bet fans were not expecting to see her without any clothes on at all later on in the programme.

Before they stripped, Gemma joked: "I didn’t sign up for this!"

Steph then replied: "Right, you better go before we see Alan’s Johnson!"

As the show proceeded, Steph spoke to naturist Stephanie McManus and asked her about her journey and the road to embracing naturism.

Talking candidly, McManus explained: "I haven't had any negative comments at all, because who I'm being when I'm talking about it is I'm being powerful, I'm being empowering, I'm being liberating. And people see that.

"They feel that and they're just amazed and so happy for me because they've seen the struggles I've been through with my anorexia, my binge eating disorder, even struggling through bodybuilding.

She added: "So I'm just a completely different person and they're in love with that, to the point where my mother has framed a photo of me naked and put it on her wall, which the last person I thought would really embrace my nudity.”

Though this may be the first time viewers have seen Steph in the nude, the presenter has been very open about her body in the past.

Last month, Steph underwent a smear test live on TV in a bid to demonstrate to women that it is very easy and quick to do.

Recent data from the charity Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust shows one in four women don’t attend their cervical screenings after being invited to do so, with it being as low as one in two young women (age 25 to 30) not attending in some areas of the country.

Channel 4 presenter Steph had her smear test performed by Dr Naomi Sutton, from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, who explained: "There’ll be lots of reasons women don’t go but all these things can be tackle.

"Embarrassment about their bodies, nervousness about pain…. a skin problem, you might be menopausal and it’s dry and sore, but all these things we can sort out with a bit of dialogue and communication."

While performing her test Steph said: "There are a lot of women who struggle with going to their smear test because they think it’s going to be awful and embarrassing, so we decided to show you what actually happens…

"I’ve had my smear tests a number of times and they can be different each time. Sometimes you don’t feel anything. Now it feels pretty ok but sometimes they can hurt, or people worry it’s going to hurt.

"But it’s not for long, even if there is a little bit of pain.

"It’s not the most comfortable experience in the world. This isn’t hurting, it just feels weird."

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