Furious Kerry Katona in explosive GMB showdown as she debates padded bras for 9 year olds

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Kerry Katona was forced to defend her OnlyFans account in an explosive showdown on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.

The 40 year old immediately found herself locked in a fierce debate with The Real Housewives Of Jersey star Tessa Hartmann about whether New Look's padded bras were appropriate for their nine year old target audience.

Stating that she wouldn't let her children wear the "over-sexualised" swimwear at that age, Kerry was thrown for a loop when Tessa said it was no different than "getting her children to take pictures of her for her OnlyFans account."

"It's okay for your daughters to take naked photos of you to put on a social media site, but yet you wouldn't let them wear a bikini that covers their modesty?" Tessa said.

Kerry retaliated: "Hang on, my children do not take pictures of me naked. So whatever you read there, you've got it completely wrong.

"My children take pictures of me in a bikini. I'm a 40 year old!"

Tessa, who is the mother of Tallia Storm, continued to stick to her guns.

In response, Kerry added: "That's an over 18 site, sweetheart. Why would a nine year old child be googling topless pictures in the first place?"

"What I do for an over 18 site is completely different than giving a nine year old child padded breasts."

The heated debate started when "gobsmacked" Kerry said: "I would expect my nine year old to be in a two-piece with [Disney's] Frozen on it.

'The padded bras would make them feel self-conscious about their body. They would say, 'mummy, why aren't my breasts like hers?'

"Children need to be children. What's next, padded trunks for boys?" Kerry, who has previously defended her OnlyFans account, said.

Kerry added that putting her child in a padded bikini while on holiday was like "dangling a carrot in front of a paedophile."

Viewers saw the argument from both sides, with boxer Nicola Adams tweeting: "People shouldn’t be looking at any 9yr old girl and think she’s sexy regardless of what she’s wearing!"

Another said: "Well done Kerry agree 100 per cent .kids shouldn’t be pushed to grow up to quick and take there childhood away."

A third echoed: "I am with Kerry on this one 100%."

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