Furious Kate Lawler hits back at troll who says she 'doesn't deserve' Noa and 'loves her dogs more than her daughter'

KATE Lawler has hit back at a troll who said she “doesn’t deserve” her daughter Noa because she loves her dogs more than her.

The furious 40-year-old called out the vile keyboard warrior, revealing she pitied anyone who felt the need to post such horrible things.

She wrote: “I actually feel sorry for anyone who sets up an account to troll.

“They must be miserable inside.”

The Big Brother star then posted the message she had received beneath a recent picture of her with her dog.

It read:  “Pity you don’t look like this when you are holding Noa, remember your daughter?

“Comes to something when you think more of a mutt than your daughter.

“You and Not Handsome do not deserve her.”

Kate is the proud owner of two dogs – Baxter and Shirley.

She and her fiance Martin welcomed baby daughter Noa in February.

Since then she has won over a legion of fans with her honest approach to mothering.

Earlier this week she warned off mummy-shamers as she had a glass of wine while still breastfeeding.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the new mum pulled a face while posing with a small glass of white wine.

She captioned the selfie: "Pumped. Wine time. Just a teeny one before anyone tells me I'm about to turn Noa into a p*** head."

Kate went on to add: "Still not got a new bra, still not showered."

On another occasion she defended herself after she was accused of overheating baby Noa in her buggy.

Kate was slammed for covering her daughter's pram with a blanket – but an out-of-shot mesh window provided the little one with plenty of ventilation.

The DJ retorted to comments, explaining: "One of the features of the @Cybe_Global E-Pram is this air vent at the back and it wasn't hot outside.

"We took her out when it was warm and she only had one layer on."

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