FOUR Love Island couples have sex in the villa during raciest night yet

FOUR Love Island couples have revealed they have had sex on the show.

The girls spill the beans about what has been going on between the sheets – with Millie, Liberty, Chloe and Faye admitting they have gone all the way.

It is believed producers have made a conscious decision not to broadcast all of their x-rated moments as part of their duty of care.

Instead they have cleverly edited scenes when the lights go out – a stark contrast to previous series of Love Island.

But as they wake up after another very frisky night, the women head to the terrace to chat and once again talk turns to NVQs, which is their code for talking about sex.

And when they open up about their antics, newbie Priya decides to hold a graduation ceremony to mark the achievement.

Millie is newly reunited with Liam, as are Faye and Teddy.

Chloe and Toby have also worked through issues on the show, leaving just Liberty and Jake to have a smooth journey. 

The night before the girls make the decision to seal the deal with their lads.

Liberty asks them: “Are we all going to be taking our hats off tonight and throwing them for graduation? Shall we just do it?”

Laughing, Millie replied: “ We can all graduate together and then have a ceremony in the morning.”

Faye exclaimed: “Prom night!”

The girls' sex code to describe events happening between couples under the sheets was developed by Faye.

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The 26 year-old lettings manager decided to base the sex codes on National Vocational Qualification levels, known as NVQ levels.

In the real world, there are five NVQ levels offering a work-based way of learning in schools, colleges and workplaces.

However, in the Love Island villa, they are used to grade the level of bedroom gymnastics between couples, and they are as follows: Entry Level NVQ – A snog, NVQ1 – Sexual act using hands, NVQ2 – Oral and NVQ3 – Full on sex.

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