Four in a Bed guest breaks down in tears over £15 overpayment despite dog hair complaints

Four in a Bed: B&B owner emotional over overpayment

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During an episode of Channel 4 programme Four in a Bed, a number of hotel owners stayed at each other’s bed and breakfasts and holiday homes over the course of the week to rate them on how good they were. By the end of each of their stays, the business owners then had to score the hotel on the likes of cleanliness, how good the food was and whether they would stay there again. However, one hotel owner broke down in tears after two of her guests gave her an overpayment of £15 for their stay because they enjoyed their stay so much.

During Friday’s payday episode, the four sets of business owners met up to give each other their feedback and scores.

First up was mother and daughter Kaye and Lily, who runs My Way Guest House together.

The pair were left delighted when all of their guests paid full price for their stays, giving them a score of 100 percent.

Next to receive their feedback was couple Sophie and David who run The Orleton Inn together.

Despite having a few complaints about the cleanliness of the bathroom from Kaye and Lily and the fact that Harriet and Richard’s bathroom didn’t have a shower, the couple still managed to receive a high score.

Couple Harriet and Richard who runs The Royal George received a mixed bag of scores from their guests.

Kaye and Lily had an issue with the “dirty bathroom floor” while Amanda was unhappy with the temperature of her room.

However, despite the criticism, Harriet and Richard seemed to be pleased with the scoring and payments from their guests.

Things soon took an unexpected turn when it came to hotel owner Amanda’s turn.

Kaye and Lily explained to Amanda that they found a couple of hairs in their beds and on the toilet seat.

Despite the criticism, Amanda didn’t seem phased as she replied: “I’m still quite pleased because it is quite a big room so to have only found two and with the dog helping me, she was bound to leave something.”

Harriet and Richard also weren’t happy with the fact Amanda’s dog, Trudy was able to roam the house especially when they were eating breakfast

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When it came to the payment, Kaye and Lily paid the full price of £85 for their room even though they were unhappy with the dog hairs.

Richard and Harriet also paid the full price of £65 for their room despite their problem with Amanda’s dog.

However, when it came to Sophie and David giving their feedback and payment, Amanda got a tad emotional.

“£15 overpayment,” Amanda said as she counted out the cash.



“We really think you are underselling yourself,” Sophie told her. “We would pay that just to come and see you never mind anything else that you offer.

“It’s one of the best places I’ve ever stayed, and I mean that.”

As Amanda struggled to hold back the tears, Sophie continued: “You’re not supposed to get upset, you’re supposed to be happy.”

“I’m delighted,” Amanda replied after she composed herself. “Thank you so much.”

In the end, Amanda was crowned the winner after scoring a staggering 107 percent from her guests.

Four in a Bed airs weekdays at 5pm on Channel 4.

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