Father of Sky History star speaks out after channel stated he 'died in 1988'

The father of The Chop: Britain’s Top Woodworker star who had been hit with allegations his tattoos were ‘Nazi related’ has spoken out after Sky History stated he had ‘died in 1988’.

The channel tweeted a video of contestant Darren, whose entire head and face are covered in tattoos, having a chat with The Chop host Lee Mack.

Followers on Twitter spotted he had ’88’ inked on his cheek.

The number is associated with white supremacists as 88 stands for HH – ‘Heil Hitler’ – with H being the eighth letter of the alphabet.

He also had a tattoo above his lips stating ‘homegrown’, and 23/16 on the sides of his head – which again is used as numerical coding meaning WP, or White Power, within white supremacist circles.

Sky History initially tweeted a statement saying Darren has ‘various numerical tattoos’ and that 88 was a reference to 1988, the year his dad died.

However an interview in MailOnline reveals Darren’s father, Trevor, is very much alive.

He told the site: ‘I’m here aren’t I? I’m alive and kicking so I’m not dead yet.’

Trevor, who has short term memory loss after a motorbike accident, is also dad to son Wayne with wife Gail.

He added that he didn’t know about Darren’s tattoos or that he was going to be on the show.

Sky History has since pulled the The Chop: Britain’s Top Woodworker from the air to ‘investigate the nature, and meaning, of Darren’s tattoos’.

It said: ‘While we investigate the nature, and meaning, of Darren’s tattoos, we have removed the video featuring him from our social media pages, and will not be broadcasting any episodes of The Chop: Britain’s Top Woodworker until we have concluded that investigation.

‘Sky HISTORY stands against racism and hate speech of all kinds.’

Sky declined to comment when contacted by Metro.co.uk.

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