Emmerdale Wendys past exposed, Leyla miscarriage and siege death fear

Tensions are definitely mounting in the Dales, as Emmerdale spoilers reveal that some residents will be going through a very rocky time next week.

Leyla finally tells her husband Liam about her recent change in behaviour and lets him know that she has had a miscarriage. But how will Liam take the unexpected news?

Elsewhere, Wendy Posner finally comes clean to Victoria Sugden about Russ and tries to reveal the bombshell secret that she's been hiding. However, will she be able to reveal all in time?

Russ' anger towards Wendy seems to be growing stronger too and he later holds Wendy and Victoria hostage. But how far will he go to gain his late mother's inheritance?

Wendy secret exposed

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Wendy Posner has been going through a rather difficult ordeal of her own lately, ever since her ex, Russ, turned up at the village demanding money from her following his mother's death.

Russ' late mother had left everything in her will to Victoria Sugden's baby Harry.

But due to their close connection, Russ has been pressuring Wendy to give him thousands of pounds. Wendy has playing a long wit Russ and Victoria has no idea about Russ' scheme to rip off his grandson.

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But feeling the pressure, Wendy decides enough is finally enough and tells Victoria everything that's been going on.

Wendy tells Victoria how Russ has been blackmailing her with a secret that could potentially ruin her life, but before Wendy can tell Victoria what the secret actually is, Russ shows up demanding answers about the money Victoria previously promised him.

But will Wendy be able to tell Victoria her secret?

Leyla miscarriage

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Since Leyla and Liam Cavanagh tied the knot in June, their marriage has been hit with a series of unfortunate events.

Liam's daughter Leanna was murdered in the village a few weeks back which has caused an evident rift in the couple's relationship.

So much so that when Leyla discovered she was pregnant with Liam's child, she decided to withhold the news in order to protect him and to allow him to grieve over his daughter.

But things went from bad to worse when Leyla discovered that she was miscarrying.

To check up on her health, Leyla pays a visit to Wendy at the surgery but she’s still determined to protect Liam by coping alone and she persuades her to bypass him and arrange a scan for her directly.

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However, things take an awkward turn when Priya Sharma bumps into Liam and starts to act suspiciously at the mention of Leyla’s name.

Understanding that something could be wrong, Liam decides to confront Leyla.

When the married couple eventually find the time to chat, Leyla admits that she’s had a miscarriage and lost their baby.

But can Liam put his grief to one side and be there for his wife when she really needs him?

Siege death fears

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Russ has been up to no good for quite some time now and has been continually blackmailing Wendy for inheritance money.

But next week, Wendy discovers that her ex-partner Russ has become a lot more dangerous than she originally thought.

Russ tells Wendy the reason he’s on the run is because he shot a policeman during an armed robbery of a jewellery store.

Later on, Russ orders Wendy to convinces Victoria to hand the money over to her, which she does without second thought. But Wendy instantly feels disgusted and annoyed with herself.

She is also totally unaware that Russ has a plan B in the boot of his car: a sawn-off shotgun.

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The following day, Victoria tells Russ he’ll have the money by midday, and he pretends to be overwhelmed with gratitude.

Consumed by her guilt, Wendy arrives at the Hide and urges Victoria not to give Russ any of the money. But Victoria is confused by her abrupt change of heart.

When Wendy tells Victoria about the blackmail, Russ turns up and commands the pair for the money he feels he's rightfully owed.

Although Wendy and Victoria are now backed into a corner, Victoria becomes disgusted with Russ' behaviour and makes a call to the police.

But before she could make the call, Russ reaches into his coat and pulls out the gun.

Russ then confiscates Victoria and Wendy’s phones and secures the door to the Hide. The women are terrified to be held hostage.

Russ then cocks the gun and points it in Victoria's direction demanding she transfer the money to him immediately.

But when armed police arrive on the scene, the stand-off at the Hide escalates into a full-blown siege. Outside the Hide, Jacob, Dan and Bob hear a shot ring out. Has Russ taken a victim?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm, with an extra episode 8pm on Thursdays, on ITV

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