Emmerdale teen killed as they learn newcomer Chloe’s tragic secret?

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ITV viewers have been speculating about Chloe Harris’ (played by Jessie Elland) true identity since her arrival in Emmerdale. She introduced herself as the sister of Sarah Sugden’s (Katie Hill) heart donor, but many fans believe she’s hiding a tragic secret. Chloe is now in a relationship with Noah Dingle (Jack Downham), but could he be left fearing for his life when he learns the truth about her?

Due to Noah’s past, Sarah hasn’t been very comfortable with his crush on Chloe, the sister of her heart donor.
Ignoring her concerns, Noah has started a secret relationship with Chloe and they have been meeting up.
The only glimpse Emmerdale fans have had into Chloe’s life is when they have seen her living alone in her family’s mansion outside the village.
It is also known her dad is a criminal and is currently in prison, while her mother is dead.

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other press, actress Jessie who plays Chloe has opened up on what’s in store for her character.
She suggested no one has guessed her “secret” yet, but could she be throwing viewers off the scent?
Jessie explained she was excited Chloe arrived with a lot of secrecy surrounding her.
“It’s glamorous on the surface, but we learn there is a dark reason behind it,” she teased.

“We learn it comes from her dad being quite a notorious character and we get a sense of that, not just because he’s in prison, but because Chloe is scared of him.
“Chloe’s almost like a zoo animal and almost trapped under his control.”
With Noah and Chloe continuing to get closer, will she run away with him to escape her gilded cage?
Opening up on wanting to flee Emmerdale with Noah, Jessie explained: “I think that is a big reason for it, she does really like Noah and wants to be with Noah, but I think it’s kind of escalated to them running away because she is so desperate to get away and live her life and be free.

“So she sees Noah as an escape route as well as really liking him.”
However, if they do run away, will Chloe be escaping from more than just her intimidating father?
Could she have her own dark secret which she doesn’t even want Noah to discover?
Jessie added: “You get a feeling that Chloe fundamentally knows that her dad is a bad person and that she is fundamentally scared by him, but at the end of the day he is still her dad and she still loves him.”

If Chloe is hiding a sinister secret which Noah manages to unearth, will she end up turning on the teenager?
Could she go as far as to kill Noah so she can take her secret to her grave?
Jessie said she’d like Chloe to stay in the ITV soap for as “long as I could,” and teased a lot more is to come with her relationship with Noah and her dad.
Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV.

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