Emmerdale star reveals 'naughty' Aaron and Mackenzie scenes

Emmerdale legend Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) is livid when he discovers that Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) has stolen Brenda Walker’s (Lesley Dunlop) brooch.

Viewers of the ITV soap saw Mackenzie commit the dastardly act earlier this week, when his dodgy job with Aaron went awry.

Desperate for the cash, the thief made his way into Eric Pollard’s (Chris Chittell) home, and nicked the expensive brooch from the coffee table.

Brenda, meanwhile, was horrified upon realising the valuable item had vanished, and was quick to point the finger at Faith (Sally Dexter).

Aaron, however, realises that Mackenzie is the actual culprit later this week.

‘There’s a scene in the Woolpack where he sees that Mack is thinking things over after a conversation he overheard about Brenda’s brooch,’ explained actor Danny Miller.

‘He can see his twitchy fingers and twitchy thumbs and puts two and two together.

‘Aaron has to get involved because Pollard begins to accuse Faith – Aaron’s grandma – of being the person who nicked the brooch. So Aaron gets involved to clear her name.

‘Mackenzie basically says that he’s got Aaron where he wants him because he can’t get involved in terms of telling Pollard who it was that nicked the brooch, because it would be putting Aaron at risk at well.

‘He goes up to Moira’s and says [to Mack] do the right thing or return it, and Mackenzie is quite cocky again with Aaron, so Aaron decides: “If he’s not going to do it then I’m going to steal it back of Mackenzie and return it to its rightful owner!”

Upcoming scenes see Aaron make his way into Eric’s home in the hopes of putting the brooch back where it belongs.

Things, however, do not pan out as the young man had hoped, as Eric soon realises that someone had broken into his house.

‘Pollard comes down the stairs all guns blazing knowing there is someone in the house,’ said Danny. ;Aaron’s not disguised himself very well! He’s put his hood up, and he kind of hides from view in the hopes that Pollard might miss him being there.

‘It’s only when Pollard says he’s armed that Aaron sort of panics. He makes a break for it. Pollard only sees the back of Aaron with his hood up, and essentially he cracks him with the bat, which sends Aaron to the floor!

‘He’s not knocked out, but he’s in a lot of pain – it was a good old whack!

‘He’s brought into hospital and taken into observation while they investigate whether or not he’s got kidney damage, so he stays overnight.

‘Mackenzie comes into the hospital to reiterate what he’s already said, which is: “This is the version of the story you’re going to tell everybody.”

Mackenzie will, yet again, take control of the situation in order to cover his tracks – something he’s been doing since his arrival in the village late last year.

Aaron has spent quite a bit of time in his company as of late, but just what does he make of the dashing troublemaker’s penchant for causing chaos?

‘I’m not sure if he’s loving it,’ said Danny, ‘but it’s certainly given him a great distraction from what’s going on, with Liv and the drinking, and Paul dying – and Vinny and Mandy – because that was all very stressful for everybody.

‘He does have that buzz in the back of his mind – that he wants to make a bit of money always – and Mackenzie is offering some naughty jobs on the side that will pay well with a little bit of a risk, so I think that’s given him a little bit of an adrenaline boost!’

One to watch: Monday May 10 at 7pm on ITV.

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