Emmerdale Priya star says Al Chapman office sex scenes have ‘awkward’ backstory

Emmerdale fans were left feeling flustered over recent scenes between Al Chapman and Priya Sharma, as they kissed passionately in a steamy office encounter.

However, actress Fiona Wade, who has played Priya since 2011, revealed the scenes themselves were a little "awkward" to act out, as the two actors barely knew one another.

Played by Michael Wildman, Al is a businessman with a reputation for womanising, having swept Priya off her feet with the illicit office romp.

Appearing on Loose Women today, alongside Janet Street-Porter, Jane Moore, Ruth Langsford and Judi Love, Fiona, 41, opened up about the story behind the saucy scenes.

Ruth asked: "When you first met it was quite quick and it was quite steamy, wasn't it? How did the two of you feel about those sort of scenes."

Blushing, Fiona said: "I only met Al, sorry Michael Wildman, possibly in the green room once, or to say hi in the corridor and introduce ourselves."

Shellshocked over the full-frontal snogging she'd witnessed, Ruth exclaimed: "And then you have to do that?"

Fiona continued: "Literally, this is no word of a lie, that was one of our first days filming together.

"And I get so giggly and shy, I'm ridiculous. And I hadn't even met him properly and there I was having to rip off his shirt and kiss him. It's so awkward."

Interrupting, Janet admitted she wouldn't have minded acting out the passionate scenes herself, as she joked: "Yeah but you managed to, didn't you?"

In Yorkshire, Al and Priya's romance appears to be on the rocks after the sleazy businessman starts flirting with Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) behind his girlfriend's back.

When Priya hinted she would like to marry Al, he reacted badly, hinting there could be heartbreak on the horizon for the star-crossed lovers.

Teasing the juicy upcoming storylines, Fiona promised "there is a lot of drama to come" for Al and Priya over the Christmas break.

Loose Women airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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