Emmerdale fans furious as Jamie Tate completely changes personality AGAIN

EMMERDALE fans were left fuming as Jamie Tate completely changed his personality AGAIN. 

The vet – who is played by actor Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – turned to the dark side recently as he plotted a way to get rid of Gabby Thomas and their baby. 

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Gabby collapsed during last Tuesday night’s episode after realising Jamie was only being nice to her in order to manipulate her into getting an abortion. 

And fans were disgusted when Jamie showed little remorse after Gabby fell to the floor – and just stood there. 

But later in the week, Jamie softened his spite and resumed his ‘nice guy’ act as he challenged Kim for trying to control his relationship with Gabby and sabotaging his romance with Dawn.

He whined: “You’re always interfering. Manipulating people. Trying to make the world revolve around you.”

She replied bluntly: “Someone has to take control. You’re not showing much sign of it. It’s how things work. Maybe it’s time you stopped whining, and accepted that.”

Jamie then threatened to move out of Home Farm, crying: “I've lost everything because of you. Andrea, Millie and now Dawn. Just stop messing with my life.”

But he looked sheepish as Kim called his bluff and said: “You would have nothing without me. I am not letting you throw it away. So make a decision. Step up or step aside.”

Fans were confused to see Jamie showing a tamer side again.

One wrote: “They keep changing Jamie Tate's personality. Firstly, he was this really nice, decent guy who was written as the exact opposite to Kim and hated what she stands for, then they made him a villain in the middle of last year, not too dissimilar from Kim, and now they keep alternating between the two. I wish they'd make up their minds and stick to one.”

Another said: "Get rid of the weekly murders and crime, stop Jamie’s personality disorder (bad one week, ‘pathetic’ the next) and take it back to a family show with relationships you care about."

A third viewer chimed in: "It's like they can't settle on a direction for the Tates. Jamie's personality seems to change from week to week. #Emmerdale."

This week, Jamie will show some remorse over his treatment of Gabby. 

But the vet’s dark side will emerge yet again when Mack riles him up about Kim always getting her own way.

Later, when Kim gloats, Jamie is filled with hatred towards her. 

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