EastEnders viewers convinced Chantelle's death was recorded on her burner phone's voicemail in shock twist

EASTENDERS fans are certain Chantelle's death was recorded on her burner phone.

The mother-of-two had been using a burner phone to contact Kheerat, whop she planned to run away with, but she tragically murdered by abusive husband Gray before she had the chance to do so.

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The murder took place in Friday's episode, which saw Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) aggressively push his wife on to the open dishwasher, causing her to impale herself on the dishes and cutlery.

The maniacal lawyer left Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) to die and staged the crime scene as an accident.

He then checked her pulse and cried tears that were far from genuine as he called the ambulance before the credits rolled.

While fans were sickened by his acts of cruelty, some believe there's a chance he may be caught out as they are certain Chantelle's death was recorded on the secret mobile.

One fan said on Twitter: "I really hope Chantelle never hanged up on Kheerat on that burner phone and left a voicemail. #Eastenders."

Another wrote: "omg someone said something about hopefully the call did NOT disconnect on the second phone and the whole scenes were recorded on voice mail …… PLEASE. #EastEnders i can’t wait to see the aftermath and see gray get sent DOWN."

A third fan tweeted: "Ya'll forgetting one thing… Chantelle didn't get the chance to hang the phone up on kheerat when it went to voicemail."

While this fourth viewer hoped: "I am hopinggggg that Chantelle actually didn't put the phone down so it went to kheerat answer phone that could be the new evidence that proves that that evil man did it #EastEnders."

EastEnders executive Producer Jon has explained why they decided to end the abuse storyline in such an awful way.

He told the Radio Times: "A criticism is often a worry that we are showing a victim that tries to leave and that backfires on her tremendously – I’d like people to realise that for people in Chantelle’s situation, telling someone what you’re going through is so important.

"Chantelle thinks she’s doing her children and husband a service by keeping this secret to herself, not wanting to make waves so she carries this secret all on her own so she doesn’t reach out to anyone."

He added: "Through Chantelle’s story, we hope to encourage survivors to understand that they are absolutely worth the support and to speak out.

"Action is important because being trapped in a situation like this can have fatal consequences."

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