EastEnders star reveals Chelsea's horror that Lucas has killed Denise

The return of Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) and Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) in EastEnders was one Denise (Diane Parish) wasn’t expecting. To make things worse for Denise, Chelsea has made it perfectly clear to her that she thinks Lucas is a changed man.

Denise has been left constantly horrified by her daughter’s choice to support her dad, but viewers know Chelsea is in the middle of planning her revenge on Lucas.

Vinny (Shiv Jalota) reveals to Jack (Scott Maslen) and Chelsea that there’s been an issue at Lucas’ flat, and given the fact that Chelsea is secretly on Denise’s side, she immediately worries Lucas has done something to her mum, as Zaraah Abrahams revealed:

‘She’s thinking – what has gone wrong? At first she thinks it’s Lucas. She’s thinking my dad’s lost it and he’s taking it out on my mum. . Her greatest fear at this point is that her dad has killed her mum and obviously she brought him back into their lives so it’s pretty much all her fault.’

Throughout Chelsea’s time since she’s been back in Walford, her family have pleaded with her to stay away from Lucas, and Zaraah added her thoughts on whether it’s been a challenge for Chelsea to ignore their wishes:

‘She’s not really attached to her family at the moment. And as far as she’s concerned she’s got something to do so she’s quite selfish in that way.

So I don’t think it’s been difficult to ignore everyone else’s opinions and voices and emotions. ‘

Is Denise really dead? With Lucas missing, is this the last we’ve seen of him?

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