EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell sends fans into frenzy with blunder ‘Anyone notice?’

Sharon Mitchell (played by Letitia Dean) has been through the wringer this month after her son, Denny (Bleu Landau) was killed during EastEnders 35th anniversary boat disaster. Now, she is determined to get to the bottom of what exactly happened and find out who was responsible for taking her son away from her. During a conversation last night, those watching at home were distracted by a filming blunder. 

Meeting best pal Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) in the Queen Vic for a drink, Sharon quizzed him about the night of Denny’s death. 

“What are you hiding? And don’t say ‘nothing’ because it’s written all over your face,” Sharon remarked. 

“Tell me, Ian, I know Denny was drinking on that boat and I know you were arguing with him, and you didn’t tell me either of those things!” 

“Yes, you’re right,” Ian eventually replied. “Denny was drinking and that’s why I was arguing with him, because he’s underage, if you’d have been there you’d have done the same? That’s why I feel so guilty, I blame myself for not doing more to stop him.” 


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“Thank you for telling me, I knew there was something you weren’t saying. When Denny had something on his mind, no one could stop him, it wasn’t your responsibility to parent him it was mine. 

“It was my fault he was drinking Ian, you were just trying to protect me,” Sharon explained. 

Ian then escaped himself and Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) then joined Sharon at the table armed with a fresh drink. 

“To the cheekiest little troublemaker that I had the misfortune of letting into my heart,” Shirley remarked seemingly trying to lift the sombre mood and pay her respects. 

The camera then cut to a close up of Sharon lifting the drink to her lips and all of a sudden she had a glass which was half full, despite the empty one before and full one Shirley brought over. 

“Thank you,” Sharon remarked and Shirley added: “The whole of that boy’s life, you put him first. You fought for him. You even went without for him and he was a real credit to you.” 

Hearing the kind words, Sharon broke down, unable to contain her emotions and shouted: “He’s dead Shirley.” 

Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “#eastenders fail sharon how much was in that cup again your drinking?” 

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#EastEnders poor Sharon’s glass was looking half empty! #queenvicmagic then full again…” Another remarked. 

A third added: “Funny how Sharon picked up a half empty glass and then drunk out of a full glass #EastEnders.” 

“Why did Sharon pick up the nearly empty glass to toast and then drink from the nearly full one?” One spotted. 

Someone else wrote online: “Anyone else notice Sharon picked up an empty glass and it was full when she drank? I need one of those kind of glasses myself #EastEnders.” 


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As for what really happened the night Denny sadly died, viewers will remember how Ian had locked him in a room on the boat to teach him a lesson for having his son Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) attacked. 

When the boat crashed, Ian tried desperately to save him, smashing the locked door through with a fire extinguisher, but Denny couldn’t get through the hole. 

Ian has kept his deadly secret to himself, with everyone on Albert Square believing he was a hero for trying to save Denny. 

In scenes set to air later this year, Sharon will discover the truth about what really happened that night. 

EastEnders returns Monday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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