Eastenders spoilers: Rainie Highway's 'exit' storyline explained

RAINIE Highway’s world came crashing down last night (November 5) in EastEnders when she discovered that she was never pregnant following a horrifying collision. 

Rainie – who had believed she was carrying her husband Stuart’s baby – then packed her bags and resolved to leave him. But will she actually depart from the Square? Here’s the lowdown…

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Is Rainie leaving EastEnders?

It certainly seemed that way as last night's episode of the soap (November 5) came to a close.

Stuart was stunned to discover Rainie packing her bags, and even more shocked when she announced she was leaving him.

Rainie's swift decision came after she was knocked over by Keegan on his motorbike as she was listening to a hypnobirthing app, which Stuart had just introduced her to.

After tumbling into the gutter, Rainie admitted to Keegan and Tiffany that she’s pregnant. 

But when she was taken to the hospital to get checked out and expressed her fears about the baby, the doctor informed her that there never was a baby.

In shock, Rainie rushed home and began packing up her clothes before telling a shocked Stuart she was leaving.

Will he be able to convince her to stay?

And will the pair get to the bottom of what's going on?

Fans will be relieved to hear that actress Tanya Franks – who plays Rainie – is yet to speak out about leaving the soap anytime soon.

But EastEnders bosses are yet to confirm what's in store for Rainie, and viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Why did Rainie think she was pregnant?

It’s not yet clear whether Rainie has suffered a phantom pregnancy or where the storyline is heading, but that hasn’t stopped fans wondering whether a cancer storyline is in store for the character. 

One viewer tweeted: "Cancer diagnosis for Rainie? #EastEnders"

A second added: "Is there a chance that Rainie has ovarian cancer? That can give a positive pregnancy result can’t it? #EastEnders"

Other viewers have predicted that Rainie has been lying to Stuart all along about being pregnant. 

One fan tweeted: "Is Rainie lying about her baby? If so why?. I think she may be desperate to have a baby as she gets on quite well with Abbie. #Eastenders"

Another said: "#Eastenders. I feel Rainie is brushing off the baby subject as well. When Stuart mentioned the hypno-birthing she brushed it off. Also where is the pregnancy test we haven't seen that have we? I think Rainie is lying to Stuart but why?"

Are Stuart and Rainie going to split?

Viewers know that Rainie and Stuart have been sky-high ever since their wedding day back in September when Rainie announced she was pregnant.

And EastEnders fans are hoping that the pair will get a happy ending. 

Following Rainie’s announcement that she was leaving Stuart, one fan tweeted: “I actually love Rainie & Stuart. @TanyaFranksRuns and @RickyChamp1 are so good together #EastEnders.”

Another gutted viewer said: “Noooo 🙁 don’t do that to Rainie and Stuart. They deserve their happy ending together 🙁 #eastenders.”

But with the soap keeping shtum about the couple's future, viewers will have to tune in to find out.

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