EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale lies to protect drug dealer Dotty Cotton after horror collapse

BOBBY Beale lies about his drug-fuelled collapse next week in EastEnders in order to protect his drug dealer crush Dotty Cotton.

The killer teenager then meets up with Dotty and puts his foot in it again by asking her out on a date on the BBC One soap.

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EastEnders fans know that Bobby has developed a crush on Dotty Cotton as she continues to blackmail his dad Ian Beale over the death of Dennis Rickman. 

Episodes of EastEnders set to air this week will see underage Bobby sneak into a club night when he learns that Dotty is promoting it

But when he tries to buy laughing gas from her, she’s having none of it and refuses to sell anything to him. 

Bobby is then devastated when he sees his older brother Peter kissing Dotty and ends up taking drugs to deal with the rejection. 

He then passes out in the middle of the club, and everyone rushes to his side in horror. 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Bobby lie about what happened at the club to protect drug dealer Dotty. 

Peter and Jay then take Bobby home and Lola is horrified when she arrives home and sees the pair chatting to each other. 

Lola worries that Peter will let slip that she cheated on Jay with him after she said no to his marriage proposal.

Later in the week, Ian plans a surprise for Sharon but is distracted when he discovers what happened to Bobby in the club. 

Could Ian take his anger out on Dotty?

Later, it becomes clear that Bobby has failed to get the message that Dotty isn’t remotely interested when he meets up with her and asks her out on a date. 

Will she lose her temper or let Bobby down lightly?

EastEnders fans will remember when Bobby turned to drugs last year after he returned to Walford and was haunted by visions of his dead sister Lucy. 

Thinking drugs might make the hallucinations go away, the teenage killer took some to try and dull his pain before heading to the nearby train station.

The ghost of Lucy then motioned for Bobby to follow her as he wandered out on to the train tracks. 

Luckily, Bobby was saved from death by a gallant Callum Highway who stopped him getting hit by a high speed train in the dark tunnel. 

But could he be heading down the same dark route again in the wake of Dotty's rejection?

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