EastEnders’ Jessie Wallace ‘not going out again’ after shopper was mugged for toilet roll in posh London neighbourhood – The Sun

EASTENDERS actress Jessie Wallace said she's "not going out again" after a shopper was mugged for toilet roll in a posh London neighbourhood.

The TV star claimed a crime was committed outside her local Waitrose supermarket today.

It follows mass panic-buying of loo roll by worried shoppers who have stocking up amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jessie tweeted today: "This is getting so crazy now! Some one got mugged for their toilet paper outside Waitrose in Muswell hill! WTF!!!!"

The soap actress has been preparing against the deadly virus. She joked she is "coronavirus ready" as she clutched a packet of Dettol wipes in place of a clutch bag on a night out.

Tonight the Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Brits against going to the pub and out for dinner to stop coronavirus outbreak.

In a bombshell statement he drastically ramped up Britain's battleplan – banning public gatherings, stopping any non-essential travel. and telling everyone to work from home if they can.

Jessie, 48, has been suspended from EastEnders for boozing on set.

Jessie – who plays Kat Slater in EastEnders – shocked the TV crew with saucy jibes during filming for the soap's 35th anniversary episodes.

Jessie is said to have shouted: "I know you want some of me", with an insider telling us: "She was being really giggly and playful and really in your face in between shoots.

"But some people weren’t impressed by her behaviour."

There are currently 175,250 people who have tested positive from covid-19 globally, with 6,706 deaths.

From tomorrow, the Government will no longer support mass gatherings either, meaning concerts and all major sporting events are likely to be cancelled.

At a press conference today the PM said: "We need people to start working from home where they possibly can, and you should avoid clubs pubs, theatres and other such social venues."

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