EastEnders Gray to be ‘caught’ as Kheerat works out truth about Chantelle murder

EastEnders fans will be left horrified by the brutal murder of Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) this week, as her abusive husband Gray (Toby Alexander Smith) kills her to stop him from leaving her.

Gray had discovered that she was planning on fleeing their home with the kids to be with Kheerat Panesar after finally reaching the end of her tether after years of abuse.

Next week, Gray is at the police station being questioned by the police.

Meanwhile, Chantelle's mum and dad Karen and Mitch and the rest of the family return from Southend and discover that Chantelle is dead.

A devastated Mitch realises something is not right between Kheerat and Gray as he becomes determined to find out the truth about what happened.

Mitch later meets Kheerat and when he sees Chantelle’s memory box, he demands to know why Kheerat has it, realising he is hiding something from him.

Kheerat reluctantly explains what Chantelle asked of him and how Chantelle was trying to leave Gray, much to Mitch's shock as he never knew the pair weren't happy.

He struggles to open up about his feelings for her as Suki interrupts glaring for Kheerat to say no more, worried that he could be about to get himself into trouble with the murder investigation.

Later, Kheerat and Mitch meet again and Kheerat tells him that he spoke to Chantelle through lockdown, and she wasn’t happy with Gray anymore.

Kheerat thinks that Gray and Chantelle could have had a row and she got fatally hurt – he asks Mitch if he thinks it’s possible, leaving Mitch angry and frustrated.

Mitch later tells Karen about Kheerat’s theory – could the pair be about to stumble upon the horrific truth?

Gray gets a visit from the police, they’ve had some new information, looks like time could have run out for the secret abuser…

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC.

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