EastEnders fans terrified over Tinas creepy body as they spot Phil blunder

EastEnders fans were left baffled when Walford hardman Phil Mitchell finally discovered Tina Carter's decomposed corpse.

The shocking moment came as Phil ran to the aid of fiance Kat Slater's son Tommy Moon when his bullies launched an attack on him.

The terrified youngster ran from the gang as they set upon him in the square, while cousin Lily Slater went to get help from Phil.

As Tommy searched for a place to hide he forced his way into the Argee Bhajee to try and hide from his attackers.

While it initially seemed he had lost them, as he clambered out of his hiding place he was confronted by the gang who set upon him with a scaffolding pole.

However, Phil wasn't far behind and burst through the door to save the day, rushing to his future stepson's aid.

Earlier in the day, Phil had attempted to teach Tommy to defend himself, teaching him boxing moves in the gym, but the skills fell short of helping him when he was heavily outnumbered.

Tommy instead tried to use Ben Mitchell as a deterrent screaming out: "My brother has been to prison for killing someone," as the gang leader began striking him, at which point Phil burst through the door.

Grabbing another large metal pole off the ground Phil began repeatedly striking the floor with such strength the wood began breaking away as he roared "come on then" at the offending youths.

The terrified group then ran off past him as they fled the scene, leaving Phil and Tommy grinning at each other.

However, Phil's smile was short-lived as he glanced down at the hole in the floor and spotted the long skeletal fingers of Tina's corpse beneath him.

Phil was then seen outside the Argee Bhajee as the police turned up to investigate – but unexpectedly found himself being arrested.

Shocked fans were horrified by the gruesome discovery and took to Twitter to discuss the find – but some felt confused about Phil's lack of reaction to spotting the horrifying body.

One wrote: "How did Phil see Tina's body and not jump? That was scary as hell."

More excited fans joined in as they admitted their excitement at Tina finally being found with another adding: "Nothing hyped me up more today then Phil Mitchell discovering Tina’s body! FINALLY."

A third viewer tweeted: "The GASP I took when Phil just saw Tina’s body!!! It’s finally time for Gray to rot in prison."

Another continued: "Oh hell Phil has found Tina! That really creeped me out!"

Meanwhile, Tina's killer Gray Atkins lay in a coma in hospital after his fight with Kheerat Panesar, as late wife Chantelle's emotional parents Mitch Baker and Karen Taylor sat by his side unwittingly willing their daughter's killer to live.

EastEnders continues Monday 28 February at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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