EastEnders fans in tears for Suki Panesar as daughter Ash turns on her for saving her career

EASTENDERS fans are in tears for Suki Panesar after she sobbed over her daughter Ash insulting her.

The criminal mastermind – who is played by actress Balvinder Sopal in the BBC soap – got her daughter her job back by threatening the head of the medical panel.

Ash had illegally administered painkillers while drunk to Peter Beale, and had been suspended from her job as a doctor.

She wasn’t going to get her job back until Suki intervened to terrify the panel into doing her bidding.

However Ash wasn’t grateful – and instead turned on her mum in a vile rant.

“You threatened my boss?” she spat.

“Don't pretend you did this for me, you've never done anything for me, for any of us. 

“Look at what you did to Jags. It's always about you, isn't it and your agenda. Your pathetic attempts to control everyone. 

“I know why as well – you're jealous. I've got a successful life and I can be with whoever I want to be with. 

“And you – all you'll ever have is a lifetime of bitterness, dishpan hands and a corner shop. 

“You think you're something special, don't you? Well you're not – you're nothing mum – you're no-one.”

Suki was devastated by Ash’s words but tried to pretend she wasn’t.

She told Kheerat: “It’s going to take more than that to get under my skin.”

The schemer then walked out of the pub and burst into tears – a rare show of emotion – and fans felt desperately sad for her.

One wrote: "Did anyone feel sorry for Suki after Ash ran all over her face in"

A second said: "“are u ok” no. no im not. i’ve just seen suki panesar cry."

Another added: "Aw Suki she does have a heart"

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