EastEnders: Denise Fox’s disappearance explained as serial killer Lucas leaves a trail of blood

DENISE Fox goes missing with her serial killer ex Lucas Johnson next week in EastEnders after their daughter Chelsea’s revenge plan goes disastrously wrong.

Chelsea will fear the worst when Denise and Lucas leave behind a trail of blood. But has Lucas harmed Denise? Here’s the lowdown…

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Does Lucas kill Denise in EastEnders?

Spoilers have revealed that Denise and Lucas will disappear after a furious showdown next week. 

Denise is uneasy when she learns that Chelsea and Lucas are off on holiday together, but furious when she learns that Lucas has bailed and stood her up. 

Denise rages at Lucas, telling him he’s let Chelsea down again, but Lucas ends up finally snapping.

Viewers will later see Chelsea with Jack looking for Denise following her disappearance.

Vinny interrupts them and says he thinks something has happened at the flat and that he’s seen blood.

They run over and see the flat in a state of disarray, but Denise and Lucas are nowhere to be found.

What has Lucas done?

With EastEnders keeping shtum, viewers will have to tune in to find out whether Denise is in danger.

What is Chelsea up to in EastEnders?

Chelsea is on a mission to bring down her dad Lucas and was involved in his brutal attack earlier this month. 

Chelsea will continue with her plan her revenge next week as she tries to lure Lucas out of the country.

But Lucas chickens out of their holiday after reminding Chelsea he can’t leave the country due to his parole conditions. 

Determined to stop Chelsea in her tracks, Lucas suggests she takes Denise away instead – but Chelsea refuses.

Who has Lucas Johnson killed in EastEnders?

Lucas was sent to prison in 2016 after he took the lives of five Walford residents. 

His killing spree began in 2009 when he murdered his ex Trina at the allotments, impaling and murdering her on a rake.

After Denise’s ex Owen discovered Lucas’ killer secret, he threatened Lucas and ordered him not to marry Denise.

But Lucas was having none of it and drove Owen away from Walford, where he saw red during a furious showdown and strangled him with a bow tie.

Lucas also murdered three prostitutes named Sugar, Jade and Gemma during his time in Walford, which took his murder count to five.

Lucas later faked Denise’s suicide and locked her in a basement for months, framing her for his murders.

Denise eventually managed to escape and expose his crimes, sending him to prison.

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