Doctor Who’s Sacha Dhawan teases fate of The Master in series 13 after ‘overwhelming’ show debut – The Sun

DOCTOR Who’s twelfth series will conclude on Sunday with an explosive finale.

The finale episode of 2020 will see Jodie Whittaker and the gang clash with an army of Cybermen, as well as long-term nemesis The Master, played by Sacha Dhawan.

Bursting onto the scene in two-part opener Spyfall, The Master, who was initially disguised, proved to be a dastardly as ever as he left The Doctor’s companions to fend for themselves in a nose-diving plane.

He subsequently revealed that he’s left the Time Lord home planet Gallifrey in ashes, much to the horror of The Doctor.

Then in last week’s finale opener, The Master appeared once again with a grave warning as Jodie and the gang attempted to flee through a portal.

Now Dhawan has addressed his future on the show and his potential role in series 13, which will begin filming this autumn for a 2021 release.

He revealed that he was keen to reprise his role, but was yet to officially sign on the dotted line.

The actor also stressed that he wasn’t expecting a recurring role on the sci-fi hit when he was first cast.

"Yeah, I'd love to [return], I'm just waiting to be asked, to be honest. I think, for me, I wasn't like, 'Oh, I hope this is a regular thing,'” he explained.

"I think the challenge for me was doing the role justice. The response has been really good, and really overwhelming. Hopefully, it'll still continue like that,” he added to Digital Spy.

He stressed that being proud of his work and well received by the show’s dedicated fan base had always been his priority.

“So I'm just happy that the fans like it. And in all honesty, that's enough for me. If they ask me to come back, it's an added bonus," he continued.

However, he admitted to having some doubts when he first arrived on set, which he only managed to overcome by using them as fuel.

“Maybe I'm not good enough – but what Doctor Who has taught me as well is to really believe yourself, and to trust your ability,” he went on.

"I think that once I tapped into that with the support of Chris Chibnall, the creator and writer, and Matt Strevens, the producer. They really got me to produce some of my best work.

He concluded: "And I think The Master only comes to life when you kind of lose all your inhibitions, and you're not afraid to take risks and be really bold. And by doing that, it felt like the character became more scary and more unpredictable.

"That was my initial fear – but once I embraced that fear, it made the part more interesting and special."

Earlier in the week  Dhawan recently revealed how The Master paved the way for the series finale way back in his debut episode.

He also hit back at critics who had branded Doctor Who “too woke” in recent years.

Doctor Who concluded on Sunday on BBC One at 7:10pm and will be available to stream on iPlayer.

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