‘Diva’ Kaley Cuoco slammed by fans after she blasts assistant for ordering mushrooms in her lunch – The Sun

FANS slammed Kaley Cuoco after she put her assistant on blast for getting her the wrong lunch order.

The Big Bang Theory alum, 34, dedicated an entire social media video series on Saturday to showing off her meal that had mushrooms in it, which she hates.

Kaley was working over the weekend on her show, The Flight Attendant, and she decided to give her assistant the day off, only asking her to call in her lunch order.

When it showed up and had mushrooms in it, Kaley took to Instagram to share her anger, which fans didn’t appreciate.

The actress explained: “Because I am extremely nice to the people that I work with, I told Emma, my trust assistant, ‘Take the day off. You work from the hotel or get what you need done… Just order me my normal lunch.”

“Emma orders me a lunch every day, I eat the same thing every day…But what do I hate the most?

“Anyone that knows me knows that I hate mushrooms. If I see one, I’ll really lose my appetite.”

She then showed off a mushroom in her lunch and simply called out her assistant’s name, “Emma.”

Kaley thought her salmon looked good but because the mushrooms touched it, she explained: “I don’t know if I can eat this.”

After picking out the two mushrooms and throwing them away in a garbage can outside her room, she realized the lunch might still be okay.


She concluded: “Crisis averted. Emma, I hope you’re enjoying your day off.”

Fans were furious with her “diva”-like behavior and slammed her on social media.

One follower posted: “I’m not normally one to kick up a fuss about stuff, but as a Post PA, not even a normal personal assistant, I think this is kinda mean.

“Even if she’s kidding, I mean, this is minor and I don’t see why you need to embarrass your assistant and call her out like that.”

A second said: “I’d never do this to a person. Made her look like one of those nightmare celebrities that assistants often talk about, and just… idk. Rubbed me the wrong way.”

Another tweeted: “Absolutely horrible, and how infantile, public shaming of her assistant for a mushroom showing up? Gross.”

After receiving a lot of backlash from her fans for this Instagram Story where she called out her assistant, Kaley took to Instagram on Wednesday to talk about “Mushroomgate” and get to the bottom of it.

She started: “I’ve been told recently by the public and by my trusty assistant that the fans are angry at me for outing my trusty assistant for serving me mushrooms last week at my lunch.

“I was very disappointed in the mushroom arrival, but that does not show my feelings on my wonderful assistant.”

Emma jokingly told her boss she was just happy “some people are supporting [her] during this trying time,” but then Kaley went on to explain how “apparently Mushroomgate is a real thing and people are actually very upset.”

When asked if she actually liked being outed on Instagram because it shows how much her boss loves her, she said it was “fun.”

Kaley added: “Yeah, she liked it because she got more followers, everyone.”

Her apology didn’t appease the haters, though, and people were upset how she made it all into a joke.

One social media user wrote: “Her response to the backlash is abusive behavior towards her assistant.

“Asking her how she felt and then Kaley being like what about my needs! I’m astonished! I don’t know why it bugs me so much! It’s just fake.”

Another said: “Damage control! Still not cool! And I don’t think Kaley realizes how immature and mean this was.”

Realizing Mushroomgate was still happening, Kaley used Thursday’s Cup of Cuoco vlog to touch on the topic a bit more.

The Big Bang Theory alum said: “I don’t know if people are more angry that I don’t like mushrooms or that I outed my assistant.

“My assistant is the greatest human in the world, and I love her more than anything. And we mess with each other absolutely all day long.

“And it was all a big joke. But I don’t need to say that because the real people know that it was a joke.

She continued: “The only part that wasn’t a joke was that I don’t like mushrooms. Oh, and I don’t force my assistant to eat salmon. She chooses that on her own. I get her whatever she wants.”

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