Denise Van Outen reveals she has 'no regrets' over saucy lads' mag shoots

SHE was one of the Nineties’ best-loved TV pin-ups and graced the cover of nearly every lads’ mag going back in the day.

But instead of shying away from the saucy snaps, which helped her become a household name, Denise Van Outen has revealed she couldn’t be more proud of them.

In an exclusive interview, the Dancing On Ice star said: “I look back at them fondly, I have no regrets about the shoots. They were fun to do.

“It was very fashionable at the time and I enjoyed all of it. I never felt uncomfortable.”

She adds: “I was quite selective anyway. I never did anything topless, there was more of a fashion approach to it.”

Denise, who is working on an autobiography, is going to use the photos as part of her research.

She said: “I kept a lot of them in a box in the attic. I’m going to dig them out and look through old interviews to help with the book.

“Writing my auto­biography has been cathartic. It’s given me time and space to breathe and look back and reflect on all the mad things I’ve done in my life.

“It’s been quite nice and it’s amazing how much of the past I can remember.

“I thought I had a terrible memory, but it turns out I can remember quite a lot.

“I spent the Nineties having a lot of high points and lots of low points in my life. A lot of heartbreak and heartache.

“I always thought I just wanted to get through that but when I look back I think, actually, I had a brilliant time.”

The trip down memory lane for Denise will continue later this year, as she is preparing to star in a reboot of The Big Breakfast.

She revealed earlier this month she had been talking to her co-host Johnny Vaughan and Channel 4 about a special episode to mark the show’s 30th anniversary.

Si's socks factor

HE may have his swagger back after breaking his back in an electric bike accident last year, but Simon Cowell still needs some fashion tips.

Socks with shorts is usually a no-no, but Simon was happy to stroll into the America’s Got Talent studios in the get-up with, of course, his trademark slashed-to-the-chest shirt.

As part of his rehab, Simon is said to walk 40 miles a week – maybe he’d hot-footed it straight to the LA studio.

Mel likes perfectly aged Em

EX-Bake Off host Mel Giedroyc has slammed TV stars who have botox and plastic surgery.

The presenter says she likes seeing natural women on screen – and praised film actress Emma Thompson for having wrinkles and not going under the knife.

On podcast The Shift On Life After 40, she said: “Wrinkles and life experience is everything, it’s such a lovely breath of fresh air when you see a woman on screen that hasn’t had all the tightening, or whatever they do to their faces.

“It really is an actual relief to see that.”

She added: “I love Emma Thompson for that reason – she says publicly that she hasn’t had anything done and it’s in her contract not to have her posters airbrushed – that’s a relief.”

Mel also talks on the podcast about the why she thinks it’s important to bring more perimenopausal characters to our screens.

Jimmy’s boozy night out

JIMMY Carr made a hungover appearance on C4’s Sunday Brunch yesterday after a boozy first Saturday night out since the easing of lockdown.

He told hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer: “There’s no make-up artist and I’m hungover right now, but I think that’s what all the guests feel.”

Tatt clue sign for Stephen

GETTING asked for an autograph comes with the territory for celebs – but Stephen Mulhern has revealed one fan had to check his tattoo for the spelling of his own daughter’s name.

In an exclusive interview, the Saturday Night Takeaway star said: “The oddest thing I’ve ever had was when we were filming this series of In For A Penny.

“A dad asked me to sign one of our In For A Penny cards for his daughter.

“I asked what her name was and he said Kelly.

“I said, ‘Is that Kelly with a Y or an I?’ And he had to check by looking at his tattoo for the spelling of his daughter’s name.

“He rolled up his sleeve and went, ‘Yes, it’s a Y.’”

Holly’s week off

HOLLY Willoughby will be replaced by Rochelle Humes on This Morning again this week.

In an Instagram post Holly thanked ex-Saturdays singer Rochelle for “keeping her side of the sofa warm”, and told fans she was “working on something next week which I can’t wait to share with you all.”


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