Democrats: Endgame: Watch As Super Tuesday Hilariously Meets Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ Blockbuster

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details of the results of the Super Tuesday primaries & the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame.

Already the Comeback Kid after his stellar Super Tuesday performance, Joe Biden is now Captain America to rival Senator Bernie Sanders’ Thanos – at least in a side-splitting mash-up Avengers: Endgame video making the rounds this morning.

Take a look at the edited clip below as a downcast Captain America with the face of the former Vice-President thinks all is lost against the forces of Thanos Sanders. Then, suddenly emerging on the desolate battlefield is Black Panther AKA Biden endorsing Rep. Jim Clyburn. The House Majority Whip is the man who James Carville said “literally saved the Democratic Party” with his public backing of the then floundering ex-VP before the February 29 South Carolina primary, which Biden ended up winning in a landslide and gathered big momentum going into the 14 primaries of March 3.

No matter who you supported or continue to support in the bare knuckles brawl that the Dems’ primaries still are, Democrats: Endgame may not end up being a $2.8 billion blockbuster, even with Michael Bloomberg’s money in play, but it is its very own piece of March Madness, in a good way.

As you can see above, after that first appearance of T’Challa/Clyburn, a plethora of Democrats past and present, including former South Bend Mayor Peter Buttigieg as Spider-Man and former NYC Mayor Bloomberg as Iron Man arrive to save the electability day and defeat the forces of the self-declared Democratic Socialist Sanders. Now, there doesn’t seem to be an appearance here by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who just dropped out of the race yesterday and hasn’t announced who she may endorse. However, Oscar winner and strong Sanders supporter Michael Moore makes a roaring cameo that is almost worth the price of admission itself – if the parody wasn’t free to begin with.

Can’t say exactly the mash-up creator pyrojoe21 is, but having just joined social media this week, whoever she or her is, they certainly have some political parody chops that cry out for a call from The Daily Show, if you know what I mean?

Democrats – Assemble!

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