Death in Paradise’s Ralf Little reveals plans to ‘get ripped’ for steamy shower scenes in season 10

DEATH in Paradise’s Ralf Little has revealed plans to ‘get ripped’ for steamy shower scenes in season 10.

The 40-year-old actor took over from Ardal O'Hanlon midway through the most recent series as DI Neville Parker, and is already thinking about the next one.

The show is filmed on the Caribbean island of Guadalupe and Ralf told Metro Online he had "roughly four months" until he as heading back out there.

He also told Digital Spy: "I want to get my French in order, obviously [Neville] speaks English but it would be nice to speak French on the island.

“So I have to work on my French."

That isn't the only thing he's planning to do in preparation for his time in the Caribbean, as he also revealed he wants to "get ripped" in case there's any shower scenes.

He said: "There may be a scene that they write where it's like, 'Oh Neville's having a shower', and then he sees Harry [the lizard] and he runs out of the shower.

"What I want to happen on the day of shooting, when they go, 'Okay, can you…?' I'll just take my T-shirt off and they'll go, 'Wait a second. Why are you ripped?'

"Neville is not meant to be ripped but I'm going to give them no choice.

"I've never bothered to be motivated before so I'm going to be like, 'Right, just in case'."

Meanwhile the show's boss recently revealed the "nightmare" reality of fan favourite Harry the lizard on set.

The creature has been part of the BBC drama since it began in 2011, but isn't actually a real life lizard.

Show boss Tim Key revealed Harry is actually the work of CGI trickery, telling WhatsOnTv: "He’s a nightmare to work with!

“Ardal [O'Hanlon] has to film those scenes looking at a little silver ball instead.

"A lot of people still don’t realise Harry’s not a real lizard…”

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