Daniel Craig Admits to Faking High Speed Chase Scenes in ‘No Time to Die’

The James Bond actor is not allowed to do his own stunts because driving while acting is deemed too dangerous in his final outing as the British 007 superspy agent.

AceShowbizDaniel Craig was banned from driving James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5 as he shot his final movie in the franchise, “No Time to Die“.

The star is departing his role as 007 after five movies and, in a chat with Top Gear magazine, he explained that he couldn’t drive and act at the same time as it was seen to be too dangerous, so his stunt driver Mark Higgins would take his place while filming high speed chase scenes.

“You know we fake it, don’t you? We’re not allowed to do that any more, although I do go driving,” the star, 51, said.

However, he added, “I was allowed to doughnut the DB5 in Matera (Italy), which was great,” referencing the move which involves spinning the car around in a tight, circular motion.

The safety measure was a likely a relief for Craig, who fell awkwardly and broke his ankle while sprinting for a scene filmed in Jamaica last May 2019, and he was required to undergo minor surgery to fix the injury.

He took two weeks off to recuperate, but was soon back in action, and later insisted he was fighting fit as he returned to set to complete work on the flick.

“No Time to Die” hits theatres in April.

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